Aluminum Frame Mirror

This is the perfect mirror for your bathroom, it has a sleek aluminum frame that is both stylish and durable. It has a sleek design that will complement any bathroom décor, and it’s made of durable materials that will last for years.

  1. Safety explosion-proof
  2. Copper-free high-definition environmental mirror
  3. Special anti-corrosion mirror treatment
  4. Long life
  5. Safety packaging
  6. Fast delivery time
  7. Any shape and size, function, or logo can be customized
  8. Aluminum alloy color optional
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Rectangular Aluminum Frame Mirror

The rectangular shape provides a wide field of view, so you can ensure you look your best before heading out for the day. The frame is also lightweight and easy to install so that you can enjoy your new mirror in no time.

  • 800x600mm
  • 900x700mm
  • 1000x700mm
  • 1200x700mm
  • 1300x800mm

Round aluminum frame mirror

This round aluminum frame mirror is a stylish and functional piece of bath furniture.  The mirror is perfect for shaving, applying makeup, or just checking your hair before you leave the house.

  • 500mm-1000mm


1. Rectangular Aluminum Frame Mirror


2. Round aluminum frame mirror


1. Why choose NICEMOCO’s aluminum frame mirrors over other materials?
NICEMOCO’s aluminum frame mirrors offer a unique combination of durability, lightweight design, and modern aesthetic appeal. Aluminum, being a rust-resistant and sturdy material, is ideal for bathroom environments where moisture is prevalent. Our mirrors are not only functional but also add a sleek and contemporary look to any bathroom, enhancing the overall design of the space.

2. Can NICEMOCO customize aluminum frame mirrors for specific design needs?
Yes, as a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, NICEMOCO specializes in customizing aluminum frame mirrors to meet specific design requirements. Clients can select from a range of sizes, shapes, and finish options to match their unique aesthetic and functional needs. Our customization capabilities extend to incorporating features such as LED lighting, anti-fog properties, and magnification options.

3. How does NICEMOCO ensure the quality of its aluminum frame mirrors?
NICEMOCO adheres to strict quality control standards in the manufacturing of our aluminum frame mirrors. We utilize high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure every product meets our rigorous standards for durability, functionality, and design. Our quality assurance process includes thorough inspections and tests to guarantee the finest quality for our customers worldwide.