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      How to Identify Your Kitchen Faucet Brand?

      How to Identify Your Kitchen Faucet Brand?


      Identifying your brand of kitchen faucet can be tricky. Whether your faucet is failing and you need a replacement part, or your friend just really wants to know what kind of faucet you have, you need to know the brand. Sometimes the brand is obvious, so finding the brand and the necessary replacement parts is simple. However, this is not always the case. Read on for a quick guide on how to identify your kitchen faucet brand.

      1. Check the package

      If you left the box when you installed the faucet. The manufacturer will customize the packaging box with the brand logo, which is made by a special carton box making machine. However, many people do not keep the box or packaging of the faucet. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to determine the brand of your faucet.

      The owner’s manual or installation guide should also have a make, model, or serial number, which can help you identify the brand of your faucet. Again, it’s okay if you don’t have this, as there are other things you can do to determine the brand of the faucet.

      Check the outer packaging of the faucet

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      One of the most obvious and (sometimes) easiest ways to identify a brand of kitchen faucet is through its logo. Each manufacturer has its unique logo stamped on certain parts of the faucet. Check the plate under the faucet (called the escutcheon) for the logo.

      The logo may also be located somewhere on the body of the faucet, on the spout itself, or on the handle. If your faucet is dirty, such as coated with soap scum or grime, scrub the entire faucet thoroughly to see if signs are hiding underneath.

      Vintage or older faucet models may no longer have the logo as they will wear down over time. If this is the case, go to the identification tips below.

      You may notice UPC or CUPC markings on your faucets. This mark is an accreditation mark of IAPMO or the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. The “C” in CUPC refers to the Canadian market. UPC marking refers to the Uniform Pipe Code.

      This can be done in two ways to ensure accuracy and ensure you find it.

       1) Clean faucet handles and check signs

      Logos or brand names can get dusty, so spray your faucet with an all-purpose cleaner. After spraying, wipe off the soap with a cloth or rag, and watch the valve or handle for signs. Logos can be specific words or shapes that represent a specific manufacturer.

      2) Look under the flashlight to see all the parts of the faucet

      According to the manufacturer, some names may be small and unobtrusive, making it difficult for you to find them quickly. In this case, use a flashlight and get close to it. Make sure to look at the handle and curve of the faucet so you don’t miss a specific symbol or brand representation.

      Find the logo

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      3. Identification model

      Some faucet manufacturers, like Moen, put the model number on the faucet. You may find the number stamped or printed on the back of the nozzle, on the bottom, on the back of the trim ring at the bottom of the nozzle, or on the escutcheon.

      Some manufacturers also put the serial number on the faucet or cold water supply line labels, which are usually located under the sink. While the serial number won’t tell you the exact model, it can tell you the brand, usually the faucet family that the model belongs to. If you still have the installation guide that came with your faucet, you can check for the model or serial number.

      4. Where is the serial number on the kitchen faucet?

      The serial number on the faucet may be in several places. Check the model area we mentioned above as all faucets are different. Moen faucets, in particular, usually have a serial number printed on the back of the spout.

      Find the logo

      5. Look for distinctive features

      Check your faucet for distinctive features, which may include specific logos, markings, and variations on the handle or the faucet itself. Delta and Peerless faucets have a red and blue circle to indicate hot and cold water. There is a red and blue water drop logo on Moen faucets. T&S faucets have a protrusion where the stem meets the handle. Look for taxonomic features such as these to identify your faucets.

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      6. Check spline

      Another way to determine the brand of faucet is to count the number of splines. This method is more hands-on, as you need to remove the handle and faucet stem. After removing the handle and tapping the stem, locate the broach. It sits on top of the stem at the bottom of the handle. The grooves on the broach, called splines, are where you need to pay attention.

      To count the number of splines, you can use a marker to make a slight tick on each spline as you count. Use the twitch point to measure from the first one until the initial mark is reached again. Since different manufacturers use different numbers of splines on their broaches, this is a good way to quickly identify a faucet. The spline shape can also be indicative of the manufacturer, as some companies have splines of different shapes.

      If you have a broach, also measure the stem as this will also help you identify the brand. The measurement after the dot indicates the length of the stem. Some companies implement different shapes in their splines. For example, Chicago Faucets use square broaches with no teeth. Each spline may be slightly different, some with different diameters, number of teeth, or shapes.

      Manufacturers typically use a certain number of points in their faucet broaches or specific shapes, including:

      • Delta: D-shaped broaches
      • Moen: Oval Broaches
      • Mixed: Oval Broaches
      • Kohler: 0.370″ at 16 points, 0.285″ at 20 points
      • American Standard:  4 o’clock square, 16 o’clock 0.370”, 22 o’clock 0.375”, 22 o’clock 0.438”

      Check spline

      7. Broaches gauge

      The use of pull gauges is the preferred method of identifying the manufacturer and is highly recommended. Pull gauges allow you to more efficiently and quickly identify the brand and manufacturer of your faucet. To find a match, insert the faucet handle into the pull gauge. You can also insert the tap rod into the female end of the broach gauge and find a match.

      The broach comes with a key, with which you can easily identify which brand you are dealing with. The broach gauge has 18 cylindrical tubes with male and female ends. A cylinder has a mode indicating the number associated with it. Some examples include:

      •  Pull gauges with ID numbers 1-4 fit some American Standard faucet stems and handles.
      •  ID numbers 1-7 are for Kohler faucet stems and handles.

      There are various ways or methods of identifying the manufacturer of the faucet. Another tip is to make sure you keep the stems with you. You’ll be able to check that it came together correctly and save you the time of going back to the store again. If you call a plumber for help, always make sure you know your brand and specific manufacturer so that damaged parts can be easily replaced.

      insert the faucet handle into the pull gauge

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      8. Conclusion

      These are the methods we organize for you to identify your kitchen faucet brand. If you have forgotten your faucet brand, the above method can help you quickly identify the brand.

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