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    Q1: How to get a sample? 

    A2: Yes, you can get a sample according to your request. Samples will be ready within 15 days and shipping by sea, airway and courier are available

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    A3: T/T,L/C,D/P.D/A

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    • -Sample order: within 15 days. 
    • -20GP container:25-35 days. 
    • -40HQ container:30-45 days. 

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    A5: We provide Free product design, Free stock, Free CAD drawings, Free artwork design of packing, and Free QC&QA report same as the 3rd party inspection of each PO. Containers booking and loading and document preparation are professional with free.

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    A6:Yes.OEM&ODM are both available. It’s able to manufacture a copy according to your brand and drawings.

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      Top 10 Wholesale Bathroom Furniture Manufacturers in China

      Top 10 Wholesale Bathroom Furniture Manufacturers in China


      When we talk about interior design and home renovation, the bathroom holds a unique place of importance. It’s a sanctuary for relaxation and personal care, demanding both functionality and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. This balance is intricately provided by the furniture that adorns these spaces, making the choice of manufacturer a critical decision.

      Among the myriad options, China stands out as a hub of manufacturing excellence, home to manufacturers who blend tradition with innovation. This article illuminates the top 10 wholesale bathroom furniture manufacturers in China, guiding you to make informed choices for your next project.

      1. List of wholesale bathroom furniture manufacturers in China

      The following is the list of the top 10 wholesale bathroom furniture manufacturers in China.

      Top 1: Nicemoco

      Nicemoco logo


      Business Type: Professional bathroom furniture manufacturer

      Established: 2005


      • Bathroom mirrors
      • Bathroom Vanity
      • Faucet
      • Bathroom accessories

      Nicemoco has emerged as one of the best wholesale bathroom furniture manufacturers in China, revolutionizing the way bathroom spaces are conceptualized and utilized. With a keen focus on blending functionality with style, Nicemoco has carved a niche for itself in the global market, offering a wide array of bathroom furniture that caters to the varying tastes and needs of customers worldwide.

      Operating from its advanced manufacturing base in China, Nicemoco leverages cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles to create bathroom furniture that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and durable. The company’s product range encompasses a diverse selection of vanity units, cabinets, and storage solutions, designed to enhance the usability and appeal of bathroom spaces.

      Top 2: Landbond Home Furnishings

      Landbond Home Furnishings logo


      Business Type: Furniture Manufacturer

      Year Established: 1984


      • Custom wall cabinets
      • Solid wood furniture
      • Upholstered sofas
      • Mattresses
      • Carpets
      • and more.

      With a history dating back to 1984, Landbond Home Furnishings has steadfastly served the ethos of quality and innovation. This Guangdong-based manufacturer has mastered the art of creating furniture that resonates with the cultural and contemporary needs of its clientele.

      From custom wall cabinets to upholstered sofas and beyond, Landbond’s diverse product range is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Opting for Landbond means embracing a blend of tradition, quality, and forward-thinking design.

      Top 3: Weiye Group

      Weiye Group logo


      Business Type: Aluminum Extrusion and Processing Company

      Year Established: 1992


      • Cupboards
      • TV cabinets
      • Bathroom cabinets
      • and more.

      Since its inception in 1992, the Weiye Group has carved a niche for itself in the aluminum extrusion and processing domain, expanding its expertise into furniture manufacturing. The company’s portfolio includes a wide array of products such as cupboards, TV cabinets, and bathroom cabinets, all designed with modern living in mind.

      Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes Weiye a go-to manufacturer for those seeking innovative and high-quality furniture solutions.

      Top 4: Sinpolo

      Sinpolo logo


      Business Type: Custom Doors and Windows Manufacturer

      Year Established: 2003


      • Entry doors and windows
      • Balcony doors and windows
      • Bedroom doors and windows
      • Kitchen and bathroom doors and windows
      • Sunrooms and sidings

      Sinpolo stands out as a one-stop solution for custom doors and windows, and by extension, an array of bathroom furniture needs. Established in 2003, the company’s extensive patent portfolio underscores its commitment to innovation and quality. Sinpolo’s product range, coupled with its national joint warranty and lifelong maintenance offerings, positions it as a leader in customer satisfaction and product reliability.

      Top 5: Landbondminim

      Landbondminim logo


      Business Type: Furniture Manufacturer

      Year Established: Not Specified


      • Sofas
      • Cabinets
      • Dining tables
      • Coffee tables

      A subsidiary of the Landbond Home Furnishing Group, Landbondminim brings an artisanal touch to its furniture offerings. The brand is known for its sofas and cabinets that blend international design with oriental elegance. Their advanced manufacturing processes ensure that every piece meets the high standards expected by customers globally, making Landbondminim a distinguished choice for those in search of exceptional quality and design.

      Top 6: Zhida Home Furnishing

      Zhida Home Furnishing logo


      Business Type: Textile and Furniture Manufacturer

      Year Established: Not Specified


      • Sofa Cloth
      • Curtain fabric
      • Bedding
      • Stool furniture
      • Chair Furniture

      Zhida Home Furnishing, with its decades-long presence in the Guangdong province’s bustling textile and furniture industry, exemplifies the blend of innovation, tradition, and craftsmanship. This manufacturer has adeptly navigated the complexities of market demands, offering a range of products that not only cater to the functional aspects of furniture but also embrace aesthetic diversity.

      From the soft touch of their sofa cloths to the durable elegance of their chair furniture, Zhida has mastered the art of creating items that enhance the living spaces they inhabit. Their commitment to customization allows clients to bring their visions to life, ensuring that each piece of furniture uniquely reflects the individual’s style and needs.

      Zhida’s approach to product development, characterized by a keen eye for detail and a dedication to quality, has cemented its status as a go-to source for those seeking to infuse their homes with a sense of personality and comfort.

      Top 7: Higold Group

      Higold Group LOGO


      Business Type: Diversified Manufacturing

      Year Established: 2004


      • Outdoor furniture
      • Door and window hardware
      • Intelligent kitchenware
      • Functional hardware
      • Clothes dryers
      • Bathroom Hardware

      The Higold Group, established in 2004, has made a significant impact on the manufacturing industry with its wide array of products that span from outdoor furniture to intelligent kitchenware and bathroom hardware. Their dedication to innovation is evident in every product line, especially in their outdoor furniture collection, which combines durability with design sophistication to enhance any exterior space.

      Higold’s commitment to quality and sustainability has positioned them as a leader in diversified manufacturing, with products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. The integration of intelligent technology into their kitchenware and hardware lines reflects the company’s forward-thinking approach, aiming to provide consumers with solutions that simplify life and elevate the everyday experience.

      Higold Group’s ability to blend functionality with cutting-edge design has earned it a place at the top of the industry, appealing to a global audience seeking excellence in their home and outdoor living spaces.

      Top 8: Linsy

      Linsy LOGO


      Business Type: Furniture Trading Company

      Year Established: 2007


      • Fabric furniture
      • Solid wood furniture
      • Hardware furniture
      • Panel furniture
      • Leather furniture

      Linsy, founded in 2007, has rapidly emerged as a trendsetter in the furniture industry, particularly appealing to the younger demographic with its modern and stylish product range. What makes Linsy stand out is its ability to combine the latest design trends with the functionality that modern living demands.

      From cozy fabric sofas that add warmth to any living room to sturdy and elegant solid wood furniture that stands the test of time, Linsy’s catalog is a testament to its dedication to quality and style. Their use of diverse materials, from luxurious leather to versatile hardware, showcases their commitment to providing a wide range of options for every taste and interior design theme.

      With a strong e-commerce presence, Linsy has made it easier for customers across the globe to access its stylish, comfortable, and affordable furniture solutions, making it a go-to brand for those looking to furnish their homes with a touch of modern elegance.

      Top 9: Ebery

      Ebery LOGO


      Business Type: Customized Home Furnishing

      Year Established: Not Specified


      • House delivery system
      • Customized cabinet system
      • Door and wall system

      Ebery brings a touch of British elegance and sophistication to the Chinese furniture market, specializing in high-end, customized home furnishing solutions. With a rich heritage in design and an unwavering commitment to quality, Ebery stands as a pillar of luxury in the furniture industry. Their bespoke services, from the house delivery system to the customized cabinet and door systems, offer unparalleled levels of personalization and quality.

      Ebery’s design philosophy is rooted in the belief that furniture should not only serve a functional purpose but also reflect the unique personality and style of its owner. This approach has attracted a discerning clientele that appreciates the finer things in life, making Ebery synonymous with excellence and exclusivity in home furnishings.

      The brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that each piece is not just furniture, but a work of art that enhances the beauty and functionality of any space.

      Top 10: Behome

      Behome LOGO


      Business Type: Custom Furniture Manufacturer

      Year Established: Not Specified

      Products: Whole house custom furniture

      Behome is renowned for its unique approach to home furnishing, which combines the elegance of Hong Kong styling with the practicality of modern design. This fusion results in furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, catering to the diverse needs of today’s homeowners.

      Specializing in whole-house customization, Behome offers solutions that seamlessly blend different areas of the home, from the living room and kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom, creating a cohesive and harmonious interior. Their use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques ensures durability and longevity, making Behome furniture a wise investment for those looking to create a stylish yet comfortable living environment.

      The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to adapt to individual preferences have made it a favored choice among those seeking to personalize their living spaces with furniture that reflects their taste and lifestyle.

      2. Conclusion

      The journey to finding the perfect bathroom furniture manufacturer in China is filled with options that cater to every taste, need, and innovation. The manufacturers profiled in this article stand at the pinnacle of the industry, each bringing something unique to the table. From the avant-garde designs of Nicemocoto the tailored solutions of Zhida Home Furnishing and the high-end customization offered by Ebery, these companies showcase the best of what Chinese manufacturing has to offer.

      Whether you’re looking for the sophistication and quality of Behome or the innovative and personalized solutions of Wayes, these top manufacturers are equipped to transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style, making your selection process as informed and comprehensive as possible.

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