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      Children's bathroom design

      How to Design a Kids’ Bathroom?


      If your home is large enough, luckily your kids will have a bathroom all to themselves. It also means you have the master bathroom all to yourself. But, here’s the question, how to decorate a children’s bathroom? How to decorate a bathroom that your children will love? How do you design a bathroom that is safe for children to use even when their parents are not around? In today’s guide, we’ll cover some tips for designing a children’s bathroom. Read on to learn more.

      1. Identify an interesting theme

      The first step in designing a bathroom is to determine the theme. However, the difference is that the theme of a children’s bathroom needs to be interesting enough to win the children’s love. You can decide the theme based on the cartoons your children usually like to watch. Or you can ask them directly for their opinion.

      In fact, the theme of the bathroom is the same as the theme of the children’s room. It is best to choose projects that interest your child. Such as Snow White or Spider-Man, etc. This is an opportunity that manufacturers should seize. Because I have a customer who is a bedding manufacturer. He will specialize in producing bedding that children like, and let parents buy it to decorate the room theme that their children like.

      Kids bathroom

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      2. Choose child-friendly bathroom furniture

      As we all know, children and adults have different skins and different levels of sensitivity to water. Therefore, you need to pay special attention when choosing bathroom furniture such as faucets and basins. The faucet you choose here should be safe and easy to use for little hands. The basin thermostat faucet is effortless to control and makes it easier to adjust the water temperature. This makes them ideal for helping reduce the risk of burns.

      Choose a cabinet with a large storage space to store and organize your children’s toys and other supplies. Make the bathroom look clean and tidy. Of course, the height of the cabinet should not be too high to prevent children from reaching the items.

      When it comes to choosing a bathtub and shower combination, it is best to install a bathtub for your child. Since most children bathe regularly, installing a tub will not only allow them to bathe themselves, but a warm tub will protect them from the cold. When choosing a bathtub, choose those with bold colors.

      In the choice of lighting, it is best to choose remote control lights. Easily turn on the light with the push of a button. This avoids the situation where children cannot reach the switch because they are not tall enough. When choosing a mirror, it is best to choose a bathroom mirror controlled by a touch sensor. This is safer and more convenient for children.

      3. Choose a bold, childlike color scheme

      Children and color go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that spaces dedicated to children tend to be more saturated than spaces for adults. Most kids love bright colors and playful wall art, which can also make a bathroom look vibrant. If the bathroom is connected to the bedroom, continue to use the same color scheme in both.

      4. Add some murals

      Get creative, put some paint on your kid’s bathroom, and have fun. If the bathroom is large enough, it might be great to add a mural of your child’s favorite character or characters on the wall. If your child’s bathroom is smaller, try painting the walls with multiple stripes.

      murals in kids bathroom

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      5. Add some bathroom accessories

      Adding some small accessories to the bathroom can make it more convenient for your children. For example, a wall-mounted soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, ample towel rack, toilet brush holder, and dual toilet paper holders. Reasonable use of these gadgets can also train children’s ability to live independently. Of course, the installation position of these accessories should not be too high.

      6. Keep your children safe

      While maintaining the beauty of your bathroom, don’t forget to consider the safety of your children, which is most important. Some absolutely safe must-have products include bathtub mats, drain and faucet covers, and toilet seat clamps. Bath mats prevent children from slipping on wet floors. Drain and faucet covers protect your children from hitting metal edges or accidentally turning on hot water.

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      7. Involve children personally

      If you want to design a bathroom that your children will be completely happy with, the best way is to involve them in the bathroom design process. Children can express their own opinions, and their opinions are the most valuable because this will be the space they use for a long time. In addition, allowing children to participate can also increase the opportunities for interaction with family members, which is conducive to the deepening of family emotions.

      How to Design a Kids' Bathroom

      8. Conclusion

      That’s it for this guide on how to design a kid’s bathroom. If you are thinking about designing a children’s bathroom for your little one, then read through the above suggestions and you might get some inspiration. If you have any other suggestions or questions, you are welcome to contact Nicemoco at any time.

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