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    Nicemoco FAQs

    Q1: How to get a sample? 

    A2: Yes, you can get a sample according to your request. Samples will be ready within 15 days and shipping by sea, airway and courier are available

    Q2: How about the payment terms? 

    A3: T/T,L/C,D/P.D/A

    Q3: What’s the leading time? 

    • -Sample order: within 15 days. 
    • -20GP container:25-35 days. 
    • -40HQ container:30-45 days. 

    Q4: What value-added services does NICEMOCO provide? 

    A5: We provide Free product design, Free stock, Free CAD drawings, Free artwork design of packing, and Free QC&QA report same as the 3rd party inspection of each PO. Containers booking and loading and document preparation are professional with free.

    Q5: Can accept OEM? 

    A6:Yes.OEM&ODM are both available. It’s able to manufacture a copy according to your brand and drawings.

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      How to Update Your Bathroom?


      Do you also want to update your bathroom? But you think you might not be able to afford a bathroom update. Don’t worry, this guide will give you some tips on updating your bathroom. These tips will help you achieve a new look without breaking the bank.

      From low-cost renovations that can be completed in just a few hours, to ways to control the cost of larger changes. Some tasks are achievable by the most confident DIY enthusiasts, while others require a trusted, high-value tradesman. Here are eight ideas on how to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

      1. Clean and re-grout

      The buildup of dirt, limescale, and mold can quickly make a bathroom look tired, so the first step in any budget bathroom remodel should be a thorough cleaning of everything. You can buy professional products from supermarkets and DIY stores to remove stubborn dirt. If that doesn’t work, try using an anti-mildew grout repair pen on any stubborn patches. They are available in a variety of colors to match the colors you already have. Or if you’re very patient and have a steady hand, you can change the color of the grout.

      Or, if you have a lot of tiles, you can just bite the bullet and re-grout. If you go this route, look for a product that will help prevent future staining and mold growth.

      Update Your Bathroom

      2. Upgrade your bathroom tiles

      If regrouting or painting your tiles is impractical, replacing them can give your bathroom a fresh look. Make sure you use them wisely if you want to get good value from them. Tiling an entire bathroom is expensive, can you just tile around the tub, shower, and sink?

      The tiles you choose will also affect the price. Standard-size tiles start fairly cheap and are often faster and easier to install than stone or mosaic, which can reduce the cost of using a professional tiler.

      3. Make your bathroom accessories smarter

      If the budget is really tight, small details like new accessories can make a difference. They can also be used to add color and style to an otherwise plain bathroom or rental home with limited redecorating options. Consider buying new curtains or blinds, hanging a smart shower curtain, or hanging mirrors and pictures.

      You can even shake things up by adding a stylish toothbrush holder, hiding toiletries in matching storage baskets, and investing in some new towels in color-coordinated colors.

      4. Apply a new coat of paint

      If some surfaces in your bathroom are painted, simply refreshing the paint or changing it to a different color will give you a fresh new look. And since you have relatively few walls to paint, it takes less time and money than other rooms. Don’t limit yourself to walls. You can also give bathroom furniture a fresh coat of paint or cover up outdated and dull tiles.

      Just make sure you buy the right paint. You can get anti-mildew lotions designed specifically for bathrooms and professional paints for tiles.

      5. Improve lighting and add mirrors

      Better lighting can brighten up your bathroom without breaking the bank. You may be able to replace your existing light fixtures with something more stylish. Or you can choose to install LED downlights. Hanging mirrors help bounce light around and create more of a sense of space in smaller rooms.

      For a modern look and to provide a useful extra source of light above your sink, try a lighted LED mirror. Some require wiring, but you can also buy simpler, lower-cost models that run on batteries.

      6. Replace faucets and showers

      If your fittings are old or stained, or just plain boring, replacing them can give your tub, shower, and sink a new look. Buy the best you can afford as it will save you cash in the long run. Cheap fittings may break down faster, which means you’re more likely to need to call a plumber or replace them again.

      You may also consider replacing your shower head with a modern, eco-friendly model, which will also reduce water usage.

      7. Repair rather than replace

      If you’re lucky enough to have expensive fixtures and fittings that have worn out over time, investigate whether they can be repaired without having to spend money on expensive replacement parts. For example, if the ceramic covering on your cast iron tub starts to crack, you can purchase a resurfacing kit or hire a professional to renew the covering.

      8. Stick to the same layout

      If you must buy new fixtures, keep your plumbing costs down by sticking with the same bathroom layout so you can use the same plumbing system. Try replacing the toilet and basin with a similar style, as modern “floating” toilets have their workings hidden behind the wall, require more disruption to install, and may not be compatible with your existing plumbing.

      Likewise, if you want to add a shower, choose an “exposed” shower that is mounted directly on the wall rather than hidden behind the wall. “If you do require concealed fittings, you can reduce installation costs by mounting your shower on a stud wall,” says Terry Ward of Ward Brothers Bathrooms Ltd. “This saves the cost of cutting solid walls to accommodate pipes, valves, etc.”

      Update Your Bathroom

      9. Conclusion

      If you have limited DIY experience, trying to do technical jobs like plumbing and tiling yourself may be a bad economic move. In addition to taking longer to complete the job, you may also run the risk of injury or eventual damage. So sometimes you need to hire a professional bathroom installer.

      If you hire a trader, get multiple quotes to get an idea of ​​the going rate for your job. Ask for a detailed quote and see if there are areas where you can save money, such as managing waste disposal yourself (if this is feasible). Check if the trader charges a minimum rate or a markup fee, as this may mean it is more cost-effective to combine multiple jobs that need to be done simultaneously. The above are Nicemoce’s bathroom update suggestions for you, please refer to them in detail.

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