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    Q1: How to get a sample? 

    A2: Yes, you can get a sample according to your request. Samples will be ready within 15 days and shipping by sea, airway and courier are available

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    A3: T/T,L/C,D/P.D/A

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    • -Sample order: within 15 days. 
    • -20GP container:25-35 days. 
    • -40HQ container:30-45 days. 

    Q4: What value-added services does NICEMOCO provide? 

    A5: We provide Free product design, Free stock, Free CAD drawings, Free artwork design of packing, and Free QC&QA report same as the 3rd party inspection of each PO. Containers booking and loading and document preparation are professional with free.

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    A6:Yes.OEM&ODM are both available. It’s able to manufacture a copy according to your brand and drawings.

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      Update your Bathroom

      How to Update your Bathroom?


      Are you tired of your old bathroom? and wanted to get a new bathroom. The quickest way to do this is to remodel your old bathroom, which will not only save you money but also give you a completely new bathroom style. So how do you give your bathroom a makeover? In today’s guide, we’ll explore a few helpful bathroom upgrade suggestions. Read on to learn more.

      1. Repaint the walls

      Repainting your walls is a great way to make any space look brand new. A fresh coat of paint on the walls will make the room look like new. You can choose the color you like, taking care to match the color of the floor and tiles. It’s recommended that you choose white, ivory, or cream as these colors reflect the best natural light when you look in the mirror in the morning. Soft pinks can give you a nice flush of color without blush. Light blue will make this room feel peaceful. Additionally, you might consider using satin paint, which is easier to wipe clean than matte paint and is more resistant to moisture.

      Finally, apply a layer of anti-mold paint on the surface of the paint to prevent mold from forming on the wall when it is wet.

      the ways of update your Bathroom

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      2. Upgrade bathroom tiles

      If repainting your walls isn’t a practical option for you, consider replacing your bathroom tiles. However, replacing tiles can be more expensive than repainting. The tiles you choose will also affect the price. Standard-size tiles start fairly cheap and are often faster and easier to install than stone or mosaic, which can reduce the cost of using a professional tiler.

      3. Replace bathroom accessories

      Upgrading your bathroom accessories can also make your bathroom look brand new. Bathroom accessories include vanities, faucets, bathroom mirrors, bathtubs, showerheads, etc. Maybe the accessories have been installed for a long time, are defective, or are out of date and not your style. You can replace it. When choosing these accessories, please consider the specific style of the bathroom. The same style will make the bathroom look more coordinated. In addition, you need to hire professional installers when installing some bathroom furniture. Such as bathtubs and faucets. You may also consider replacing your shower head with a modern, eco-friendly model, which will also reduce water usage and save money on your household expenses.

      Introducing a pop of color into your bathroom is a fun way to experiment with different shades. You can also invest in some bathroom accessories in bold colors to spruce up the space. For example, towels, colorful baskets, candles, soaps, etc. Bright colors will put you in a good mood.

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      4. Make the bathroom smarter

      In recent years, the use of smart homes has become more and more widespread. When upgrading your bathroom, you can add some smart home features to make the bathroom more convenient to use. For example, smart shower curtains, smart bathroom mirrors, smart toilets, etc. If your bathroom is small, a smart shower curtain is the best option. They are more flexible and smarter than bathroom doors. They are flexible safety barriers for your bathroom.

      5. Improved lighting

      Better lighting can brighten up your bathroom without breaking the bank. You might be able to replace your existing light fixture with something more stylish. Or you can choose to install LED downlights. Hanging mirrors help reflect surrounding light and create more of a sense of space in smaller rooms.

      For a modern look and a useful extra source of light above your sink, try a lighted LED mirror. Some require wiring, but you can also buy simpler, lower-cost battery-operated models.

      6. Add some decoration

      The secret to transforming your bathroom from a restroom to a retreat is to make it a place you want to spend time, and timeless decor can help achieve that goal. Opt for some fresh flowers (or artificial flowers) in a vase to soften the space. Candles and wall art are also low-cost but heartwarming decorations. Paintings, prints, and photos are a great way to give your bathroom character and are non-obvious improvements that can be easily changed.

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      7. Add some storage space

      You can also increase the storage space in your bathroom by adding some cabinets or shelves. Arranging items neatly in cabinets can make your bathroom look more spacious and tidy.

      8. Stick to the same layout

      If you must buy new fixtures, keep your plumbing costs down by sticking with the same bathroom layout so you can use the same plumbing system. Try replacing the toilet and vanity with a similar style, as modern “floating” toilets work hidden behind the wall, require more disruption to install, and may not be compatible with your existing plumbing.

      Likewise, if you want to add a shower, choose an “exposed” shower that’s mounted directly to the wall rather than hidden behind it. If you do require concealed fittings, you can reduce installation costs by mounting the shower to a stud wall, which saves the cost of cutting solid walls to accommodate pipes, valves, etc.

      How to Update your Bathroom

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      9. Conclusion

      An upgraded bathroom can increase the value of your home, and changing the style regularly can better suit your needs. Bathroom upgrades are a quick and affordable DIY project that’s perfect for homeowners who want to maintain the existing layout and functionality of their bathroom. The above are 8 suggestions for upgrading the bathroom compiled by Nicemoco for you. If you have other suggestions for upgrading the bathroom, you are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss them.

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