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      Bathroom Furniture:A Full Guide

      Bathroom Furniture: A Full Guide


      A variety of bathroom furniture makes up a bathroom, and there are many types of bathroom furniture. In today’s guide, we will give you a detailed introduction to the importance of various types of bathroom furniture and the types of bathroom furniture. Find out more about bathroom furniture if you’re interested.

      1. The importance of bathroom furniture to the bathroom

      First of all, the importance of bathroom furniture is reflected in its functionality. The main function of the bathroom is a place for bathing and washing, but it is not just a washing space. In the bathroom, you can start a new day and end a tiring one. Adding bathroom furniture can improve your well-being. For example, a bright, large bathroom mirror can help you organize your appearance and keep you in a good mood throughout the day. A warm bathtub can help you relax at the end of the day and help you get a good night’s sleep. A smart toilet allows you to flush the toilet quickly and easily, keeping it always clean. Of course, every piece of bathroom furniture has its functions and benefits, and every piece has a purpose. The functions of each piece of bathroom furniture are combined to form a multifunctional bathroom.

      In addition, the importance of bathroom furniture is also reflected in its aesthetics. You can choose bathroom furniture according to your preferred style. Imagine creating a bathroom in the style you want, with every product chosen to match your style. When you come back here after a long day’s work, you will feel very relaxed, won’t you? What a meaningful thing this is!

      The importance of bathroom furniture to the bathroom

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      2. Types of bathroom furniture

      There are many types of bathroom furniture, and we can divide bathroom furniture into different types according to different division types.

      1) Divide according to installation location

      Depending on the installation location, bathroom furniture can be divided into wall-mounted bathroom furniture and floor-standing bathroom furniture.

      Wall-mounted bathroom furniture: Wall-mounted refers to furniture that can be installed directly on the wall. They don’t take up any floor space and can accommodate some commonly used items in the gaps between furniture and the floor. Wall-mounted bathroom furniture is very popular in small bathrooms. Because it not only provides extra storage space but also keeps the bathroom tidy. Nicemoco offers a wide range of wall-mounted bathroom furniture. Including wall-mounted vanities, wall-mounted side cabinets, wall-mounted bathroom mirrors, and more.

      Floor-standing bathroom furniture: As opposed to wall-mounted, floor-standing bathroom furniture is installed directly on the floor. Please pay attention to one thing when installing: plan the layout rationally and maximize the use of available space in the bathroom.

      Wall-mounted and floor-standing bathroom furniture

      2) Divided according to the installation method

      According to different installation methods, bathroom furniture can be divided into independent bathroom furniture and combined bathroom furniture.

      Free-standing bathroom furniture: Free-standing bathroom furniture generally refers to the independent unit of the product itself, which can be installed independently and the installation method is simple. It has the benefit of thoroughly cleaning the back of the unit as it can be moved around and adapted to fit anywhere in the bathroom. For example, a freestanding bathroom vanity.

      Modular bathroom furniture: Modular bathroom furniture refers to modular bathroom furniture. Each bathroom furniture product has its own matching accessories. Most bathroom furniture manufacturers offer a variety of countertops, bases, and more. Modular bathroom furniture allows you to choose a furniture combination that suits you. Nicomoco has a wide range of worktops to suit both modern and traditional bathroom designs, sure to add a striking accent to your bathroom. For example, Nicemoco’s bathroom cabinet combination pairs a vanity with a side cabinet, which adds even more storage space. If your bathroom is smaller, modular furniture is a great option.

      Free-standing and modular bathroom furniture

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      3) Divide according to style

      Bathroom furniture can be divided into many types according to different style types. Here are a few common styles offered by Nicemoco.

      Traditional bathroom furniture: Traditional bathroom furniture often uses shaker-style paneled doors and wood finishes in white or off-white, gray or green. And cabinet doors and drawers often have knobs instead of handles. It will complement traditional-style baths, basins, and toilets. Traditional furniture can sometimes also have more graceful silhouettes.

      Modern bathroom furniture: Modern style bathroom furniture is Nicemoco’s main style. It usually comes in three simple colors black, white, and gray, and the surface is usually glossy, which can reflect light and make a small bathroom feel larger. Doors and drawers often have smooth handles or no handles. However, modern bathroom furniture can be divided into the following types with different styles.

      Minimalist bathroom furniture: Nicemoco minimalist bathroom furniture is perfect for those who want to create a simple, clean aesthetic in their home. The minimalist design makes it easy to match any existing decor.

      Luxury style bathroom furniture: Luxurious bathroom furniture can add a luxurious and modern feel to your bathroom. It uses expensive and durable materials that are very easy to clean and sweep.

      European-style bathroom furniture: European-style fashionable and modern designs can match any bathroom and provide ample storage space.

      Tips: when choosing bathroom furniture, choose according to the style of your bathroom.

      Divide bathroom furniture according to style

      4) Bathroom Lighting

      Bathroom lighting products are also part of bathroom furniture. Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge about bathroom lighting.

      Task lighting: Make sure task-specific areas, such as a dresser or mirror, are well-lit. Wall-mounted sconces or fixtures on either side of the mirror provide focused lighting for beauty tasks. Therefore, you should choose lamps with adjustable arms to achieve personalized lighting angles.

      Enhance natural light: If possible, maximize natural light in your bathroom. Consider using curtains that let in natural light while maintaining privacy. Natural light helps create a feeling of openness and freshness.

      Waterproof lamps: Considering the humid environment of the bathroom, choose lamps with a waterproof design. Make sure all electrical components meet safety standards to prevent any hazards.

      Color Temperature: The color temperature of the lamp should be taken into consideration. Warm colors (such as 2700K-3000K) create a comfortable and intimate feeling, while cool colors (such as 4000K-5000K) create a bright and energetic atmosphere.

      Bathroom Lighting explaination

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      5) Divide by product type

      At the same time, we can also divide according to the product itself. There are also different types of the same product.

      #1. Bathroom Vanity

      The vanity is one of the main pieces of furniture in the bathroom space. It is versatile and available in many types. Below are the main types of bathroom vanities that can be used in bathroom designs.

      (1) Single bathroom vanity

      Single-bathroom vanities are one of the most versatile vanity types a bathroom can accommodate. For starters, they are usually the smallest type of dresser. If you live in a small apartment or only have one bathroom, this will be your best choice. Single-bathroom vanities are very useful. They offer all the benefits of a larger vanity in a smaller package. For example, a bathroom vanity can store your facial cleanser, hair ties, hard wax beans bulk, and other small items you will use in the bathroom.

      In terms of design, single bathroom vanities can accommodate sinks of various shapes, and many single vanities can have integrated sinks. Additionally, single-bathroom vanities can be either wall-mounted or freestanding. Making wise choices can create more usable space in your bathroom.

      (2) Double bathroom vanity

      The main difference between a double bathroom vanity and a single bathroom vanity is the size. In most cases, a double bathroom vanity will come with two sinks. However, there may be some exceptions. For example, some double bathroom vanities may have a long bathroom sink that replaces two separate sinks.

      The double vanity is also available in wall-mounted and freestanding versions. Generally speaking, double vanities should be used in bathrooms used by multiple people. This type of vanity is perfect for a master bathroom or a children’s bathroom. Additionally, a double bathroom vanity adds storage space and a variety of items can be stored this way.

      (3) Pedestal bathroom sink

      Strictly speaking, a pedestal bathroom sink is not a vanity. Because it has no storage space to store items, and pedestal bathroom sinks are almost always floor-standing. But it fulfills one of the main functions of a dressing table: washing. Pedestal bathroom sinks feature a minimalist pedestal design that accommodates a beautiful bathroom sink. These bathroom sinks can also come in a variety of styles and themes.

      (4) Above-the-counter basin sink dressing table

      The above-mounted basin and sink vanity are different from other types of vanities in that the sink stands on the countertop. Therefore, the shape of the sink of this kind of dressing table can be various. Its biggest advantage is that it can minimize the splash of water droplets.

      types of bathroom vanity

      #2. Medicine Cabinet

      The medicine cabinet mainly plays a storage role in the bathroom and is also an indispensable piece of bathroom furniture. Below are the main types of medicine cabinets that can be used in bathroom designs.

      (1) Medicine cabinet with mirror

      A medicine cabinet with a mirror can also be called a mirror cabinet. It features a mirror on the surface that integrates seamlessly with the medicine cabinet. It’s a great 2-in-1 fixture. Mirrored medicine cabinets can be rectangular or round, which gives you a variety of designs to choose from.

      In addition to the mirrored doors, bathroom medicine cabinets also have tons of storage space. In most cases, medicine cabinets are capable of storing small items. For example, toothbrushes, medicines, toiletries, and other hygiene products. This is perfect for small bathrooms with limited storage space. Additionally, they are also perfect for larger bathrooms that want to keep smaller items in convenient places.

      (2) Mirrorless medicine cabinet

      As the name suggests, a mirrorless medicine cabinet is a medicine cabinet that does not have a mirror on its surface. But it’s still very useful. First, they can do everything a mirrored medicine cabinet does. Their storage space can accommodate all your small items. Additionally, mirrorless medicine cabinets can be placed anywhere you want. Because they don’t have a mirror, they don’t have to be placed above a vanity. You might consider placing a mirrorless medicine cabinet next to your dresser. Or you can place it next to the shower stall for easy access to certain items.

      Since mirrors are not used in the doors, mirrorless medicine cabinets can utilize a variety of beautiful materials. Frosted glass is one of the most commonly used materials for mirrorless medicine cabinets due to its clean and elegant appearance. You can also use other bold colors to decorate its surface.

      (3) Medicine cabinets with sliding doors and push-pull doors

      Medicine cabinets are usually opened with sliding doors or push-pull doors, each with its own advantages. First off, traditional doors are probably the most common type of door you’ll see. They open easily and make it easy to access everything at once. One of the disadvantages of traditional doors is that they require considerable space to open. However, this is almost never a problem. Since they are usually placed above the vanity, you will have plenty of room to open the door.

      Second, a sliding door doesn’t require a large opening, but it does need to be pulled out completely to access each item, usually extending from one or both sides of the medicine cabinet. Of course, this isn’t a big problem either.

      types of medicine cabinet

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      #3. Bathroom Mirror

      When it comes to bathroom mirrors, there are many different styles to choose from. Different shapes, features, and designs will affect the bathroom in different beneficial ways. Every bathroom should have a mirror. It is important to choose a product that suits your wishes and needs. Here are the most common types of bathroom mirrors.

      (1)LED lighting mirror

      LED-illuminated mirrors are one of the most popular options for bathroom mirrors today. In terms of design, illuminated bathroom mirrors will incorporate lighting on the front, sides, or back of the mirror (backlit). Each of these will provide ample light. This gives you a bright field of view, and the brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs. In addition, LED lights can be used as lights when you don’t want to turn on the lights. It not only creates a sense of atmosphere but also saves household electricity.

      (2) Framed bathroom mirror

      Bathroom mirror frames can be designed and made from basically anything. Wood and metal are two of the most popular types of frames. Various types of wood can be coated and painted in beautiful ways. The metal frame can be made of stainless steel or other similar materials. Chrome, gold, brushed metal, and a variety of other metals are all worth considering. If you want a piece of bathroom furniture with a certain style, a framed bathroom mirror would be the best choice.

      (3) Frameless bathroom mirror

      If you want a more minimalist style, then consider a frameless bathroom mirror. These bathroom mirrors don’t have any bells and whistles, so they fit into almost any design. Additionally, they do not require any power supply or additional setup.

      (4) Magnifying mirror bathroom mirror

      Magnifying vanity mirrors offer a small but effective solution to bathroom mirrors, and they can also include lighting. They can be mounted on the wall or countertop, making them easy to use in any bathroom design.

      types of bathroom mirror

      #4. Bathroom Seat

      The function of bathroom seats is to increase the comfort of the bathroom. When you apply your makeup at the vanity, you sit instead of standing. Additionally, they can be placed in many different places. Here are some of the most common types of seats that can be used in bathroom designs.

      (1) Shower seat

      In fact, shower seats are specifically designed for people with limited mobility. Sitting in the shower can not only reduce the risk of dangerous situations but also increase comfort. Shower seats are made from specialized bathroom materials that are waterproof, and manufacturers optimize the seats for safety and comfort.

      In terms of design, shower seats can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Wall-mounted shower seats are very convenient. Some wall-mounted shower seats can be folded into the wall and set aside when needed. If a freestanding shower seat is not required or needed, it must be moved out of the area. Each of these designs has its own purpose, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your situation.

      (2) Bathroom vanity seat

      By adding a seat to your bathroom vanity, you can create a very comfortable area. Seats are a simple yet effective solution for improving the comfort of your bathroom vanity. They are usually padded and made from durable materials to ensure that they last relatively long. If you need more support, consider a seat with a backrest or armrest. These are very useful features that also contribute to comfort.

      In terms of materials, high-quality stools and seats will be made from sturdy materials. Includes natural stone, metal, and solid wood.

      types of bathroom seat

      #5. Storage unit products

      Bathroom storage cabinets come in many styles, from floor-to-ceiling cabinets to wall-mounted cabinets and even mirrored cabinets. These solutions give you more than just a few inches of space to store essentials, and that extra space will help change the way you organize your bathroom in your life. You can use these storage units to store some of your bathroom essentials. Such as towels, body wash, or soap. In addition, if there are children at home, it can also be used to store some PVC printed balls, which the children can play with when taking a bath.

      Choosing the right size storage space for your bathroom is key. Typically, floor and wall storage cabinets are cabinets that come in various sizes and designs to match the overall look of the bathroom.

      Bathroom storage cabinets

      #6. Other bathroom furniture

      Here are some bathroom furniture to help you improve your happiness in the bathroom.

      Hidden water tank: Choose bathroom furniture with a hidden water tank. This design choice not only hides unsightly plumbing elements but also contributes to a clean and uncluttered appearance.

      Wall-hung toilet: Choose a wall-hung toilet for a sleek and modern look. These toilets are wall-mounted, creating a sense of space, and are easy to clean.

      Back-to-the-wall toilets: Back-to-the-wall toilets are another option for hiding plumbing elements. These toilets are flush with the wall and the water tank is hidden behind the panel. They have a streamlined appearance while being easy to maintain.

      Integrated shelves or cabinets: Choose bathroom furniture with integrated shelves or cabinets. These additions provide practical storage space for toiletries or decorative elements.

      Other bathroom furniture

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      3. FAQ

      Here are answers to frequently asked questions about bathroom furniture.

      1) What materials are bathroom furniture made of?

      The furniture in the bathroom is designed to withstand the humid atmosphere in the room. It is typically made from MDF or MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) and can be finished with vinyl, acrylic, or laminate as well as high-end market wood veneers. Wood is also used for bathroom furniture and may be durable in the humid environment of the bathroom.

      Countertops may come in more luxurious materials such as marble, glass, or granite, or in a seamless solid surface. Mirror cabinets are generally made of stainless steel.

      2) What are the most popular colors for bathroom furniture?

      White is still a very popular color for bathroom furniture. Many people choose white bathroom furniture because it fits into almost any bathroom. Wood veneers are a popular alternative that can bring a natural touch to your bathroom design.

      3) What furniture should be placed in the bathroom?

      A variety of furniture can be placed in the bathroom, and it is important to consider whether it is waterproof. Because even if you have a large bathroom, moisture in the air can settle. Some of the most common items are cabinets, dressers, and other storage units. They offer storage space, functionality, and a beautiful decorative piece.

      4) What can I use to replace my bathroom vanity?

      If you don’t want to install a vanity, you can install a freestanding basin next to the wall-mounted storage unit. If space is limited, you can use a combination vanity instead of a separate toilet and vanity.

      5) How to reduce bathroom clutter?

      In addition to installing enough furniture units to accommodate all bathroom items, it is also crucial to have the right accessories. From glasses to soap holders, toilet paper holders, and shower baskets, there’s a place to store everything you need to keep your bathroom tidy.

      A neat bathroom

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      4. Conclusion

      Bathroom furniture is the most important element of high-quality, comfortable bathroom design. Every piece of bathroom furniture serves an important purpose. They help provide functionality and comfort to the environment. So choosing the right bathroom furniture is an important factor in improving your happiness. If you have any other questions about bathroom furniture, please contact Nicemoco for consultation.

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