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      Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

      Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide


      The bathroom is one of the most important personal spaces in the house, where we usually start and end our day. They are a safe space that provides peaceful solitude, allowing you to relax at the end of the day, escape the stress of life’s stresses, and enjoy the comfort of a hot shower or warm bath.

      Therefore, when considering adding furniture to your bathroom, it is important to understand the different furniture types, space requirements, furniture shapes, styles, and available materials. Our bathroom furniture guide will give you plenty of advice on what to look for when setting up a new bathroom or renovating an old one.

      1. What is bathroom furniture?

      Bathroom furniture is a must-have that every client needs in their new bathroom design. Take the form:

      • Bathroom Vanity
      • Storage unit
      • Toilet unit
      • Mirror cabinet
      • Basin and toilet combination
      • Lighting unit
      • and so on

      Bathroom furniture allows you to make the most of your bathroom and make it the most relaxing place to be throughout the day.

      What is bathroom furniture

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      2. Factors to consider when choosing bathroom furniture

      Our buying guide will help you choose the best bathroom furniture for your space to maximize the look and feel of the room.

      1) What type of bathroom do you have?

      For dressing rooms, ensuites, and very small bathrooms, look for space-saving suites with corner basins, slim furniture, wall-hung toilets, and mirror cabinets. For larger bathrooms, where there are fewer size restrictions on storage solutions and furniture, you can take a look at the many bathroom ranges we have on offer at our bathroom showroom to ensure practicality meets stunning decor.

      #1. Style matters

      When choosing bathroom furniture, choose the style that best enhances your overall design scheme. Traditional bathrooms suit traditional style furniture such as vanity units and roll-top baths. However, antique bronze is perfect for period architecture, while chrome is perfect for modern bathroom furniture designs.

      #2. Key considerations for coordinating style:

      •  Modern bathrooms often feature neutral tones, while vintage or eclectic styles may feature bolder tones.
      •  For a modern look, choose a sleek, high-gloss finish, while natural wood tones can evoke a more traditional or rustic feel.
      •  Clean lines and geometric shapes often characterize modern design, while curvy or ornate elements may be consistent with a more classic or eclectic style.
      •  Ensure consistency across different furniture styles, creating a sense of unity and visual appeal.
      •  Consider elements like artwork, decorative elements, or unique fixtures to reflect your taste and make the space unique.

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      2) How big is your bathroom?

      Before choosing bathroom furniture, it is important to measure the space in your bathroom. If you are considering purchasing bathroom cabinets, you should also measure the dimensions of the doors to ensure there is enough space to open and close them.

      #1. Space Assessment

      Understanding the spatial dynamics of your bathroom is a fundamental step in choosing the right furniture. Start by measuring the dimensions of the room. This information can serve as your blueprint to guide your selection of bathroom fixtures and storage options.

      #2. Consider the following:

      •  Analyze how people move around the bathroom. Make sure the furniture you choose can be moved easily and won’t create an obstruction.
      •  Pay attention to unused wall space that could accommodate wall-mounted cabinets or shelving units.
      •  Make sure there is enough clearance around fixtures such as toilets and shower stalls. This prevents the bathroom from feeling cramped and allows for comfortable use of the elements.
      •  If your bathroom has an irregular shape, consider how to strategically place furniture to coordinate with the contours of the room.

      3) Bathroom furniture size and orientation

      Before you start looking at different types of bathroom furniture, you need to know the space you have available.

      It is crucial to accurately measure the length, width, and height of the bathroom, as well as the location of any utilities such as running water and power. Draw the layout in your mind, or draw a floor plan if needed.

      Large units look stylish and give you more storage space, but you’ll want to make sure the walkway into and inside the bathroom is clear. Remember to check door openings and their protrusions into the room to make sure they don’t conflict with each other and that all storage space is accessible.

      Having a smaller bathroom or dressing room doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the furniture in your bathroom. Space-saving options such as slimline units, wall-mounted storage, wardrobe basins, and toilet units will provide much-needed storage in the smallest of spaces.

      Measuring bathroom dimensions

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      4) Bathroom furniture material

      When choosing new bathroom furniture, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Let’s take a look at the scenarios you’re most likely to encounter. Most bathroom cabinets will be made of some type of wood material. In order of importance, the following three candidates are listed:

      #1. Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)

      MFC is a material you may be familiar with from its use in kitchens, consisting of a melamine resin material bonded to particle board. Melamine board is a very resilient material with a tough exterior surface and is very easy to clean.

      However, it is susceptible to water damage and must be done correctly to avoid this. Most MFC units are excellent value for money and are ideal for use in secondary or rented bathrooms.

      #2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

      Another material used to make bathroom furniture is medium-density fiberboard. It is made from offcuts and scraps from other wood manufacturing processes mixed with binders and glue and then pressed together. It is denser and stronger than MFC and is one of the most popular choices in the bathroom industry.

      MDF comes in a dizzying array of colors and finishes and is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. It is also resistant to warping. Most quality bathroom furniture is manufactured from MDF.

      #3. Solid wood

      If you want to create a high-quality bathroom, solid wood is the best choice. The natural features of oak or walnut are often enhanced through the use of stains and paints that show the grain. The wood grain of any cabinet will not be exactly the same, not only because of the different trees used but also because of the cutting choices made during the manufacturing process.

      Crown cuts tend to be visually more rounded and grainy than quarter saw cuts. Heavy, sturdy solid wood furniture can last for decades if treated properly. The beauty of solid wood requires extra care to ensure it is not exposed to high humidity or rapidly fluctuating temperatures.

      No matter which wood product you choose, look out for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo. This means that the wood in your furniture comes from FSC-certified forests. This ensures that the source of the material is environmentally friendly.

      Bathroom furniture material

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      5) Bathroom furniture finishes

      After deciding on the materials for your bathroom furniture, you must decide on the type of finish that will suit your requirements. Various finish types for bathroom furniture include:

      #1. Foil Wrap

      The foil-wrapped finish is exactly what it sounds like. The substrate is removed and wrapped in a thin plastic “foil” and then heat set with adhesive. Foil-wrapped materials have a unique contoured appearance and are a great value proposition.

      Historically, foil-wrapped materials have been troubled in bathrooms because the heat and humidity in the bathroom can cause the foil to peel and blister. Modern foil wrapping materials are better able to handle these environments, but this vulnerability still exists.

      #2. Painted Finish

      Painted finishes offer some major advantages over their foil-wrapped counterparts. They are available in a variety of colors, including custom colors in some cases, and are much more resistant to heat and moisture.

      Over the past five years, we have seen a huge change in colors and finishes. No longer sticking to the standard white sink unit and basin or the old traditional oak vanity, we have moved towards matte and eggshell lacquered grays and blues.

      #3. Acrylic

      Historically, high-quality finishes were typically made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with acrylic bonded on all sides. The high-gloss finish of modern acrylic bathroom furniture will add light and shape with its mirrored finish and reflective surface.

      This modern finish is suitable not only for basin units but also for bathroom furniture. Unlike traditional bathroom furniture from the past, acrylic veneer is well worth spending a little extra because it is more resistant to bumps and scratches.

      Bathroom furniture finishes

      6) Color of bathroom furniture

      Bathroom furniture comes in a variety of colors, from bright shades to calming neutrals. You can choose a bold color scheme that will wow, or you can choose subtle colors to create a relaxing, peaceful feel.

      • White is the perfect choice for a fresh, modern look and can be combined with any color you like.
      • Neutral tones like cream and ivory add warmth to the bathroom and help create a sense of calm.
      • Pastel colors are ideal if you don’t want to be too bold or if neutral tones don’t provide enough contrast. Consider light blues, pinks, and greens to add a pop of color.
      • Black furniture is a great choice for adding a designer touch to your bathroom, and a black-and-white scheme is a timeless combination.
      • Gray has become a popular choice for bathrooms, and it’s perfect for creating a cool, stylish look. It pairs well with other colors such as pink and yellow.

      In addition to color, you can choose from a variety of finishes and textures, including gloss, matte, and wood. Glossy and matte finishes create a sleek, modern look, while wood-effect textures add elegance and have timeless appeal.

      Color of bathroom furniture

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      7) Bathroom furniture assembly and installation

      We provide bathroom furniture in pre-assembled form. Furniture is delivered to the address of your choice by a two-person delivery team. This ensures a damage-free and faster installation, saving you hours of furniture assembly time.

      Furniture assembly is a simple, straightforward process for freestanding furniture. However, for wall-mounted units, we recommend using the services of a qualified bathroom installer.

      8) Bathroom furniture style

      You can choose from two bathroom furniture styles: traditional, and modern.

      • Traditional bathroom furniture, the classic old-fashioned antique style is perfect for creating a period-themed bathroom.
      • Modern bathroom furniture is often designed with the modern consumer in mind and features a sharper, sleeker design. Modern bathroom furniture often changes to reflect best-selling designs that are popular today.

      Bathroom furniture style

      9) Maintenance and cleaning

      • Choose furniture that is easy to clean. Smooth surfaces, premium finishes, and clever design minimize the accumulation of dust and dirt.
      • Choose furniture with smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe down. Whether on countertops, cabinets, or fixtures, the smooth finish prevents the build-up of dust and dirt, simplifying the cleaning process.
      • Choose furniture designs that minimize seams and intricate details. Fewer seams reduce areas for dirt and moisture to accumulate, simplifying cleaning procedures and maintaining a hygienic environment.
      • Prioritize materials that are resistant to water damage.
      • Choose nonporous countertops to prevent the absorption of liquids and stains. Bathroom furniture materials such as quartz and solid surfaces are less susceptible to water damage and are easier to clean.
      • If your furniture has tile surfaces, choose a grout that is easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew. For example, epoxy grout is more resilient than traditional cement grout and requires less maintenance.
      • Be aware of cleaning products that are safe to use on the materials you choose. Certain surfaces may require specific cleaners, or abrasive cleaners should be avoided to prevent damage.

      How to choose bathroom furniture that is easy to clean

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      3. 3 tips to choose the perfect bathroom furniture

      How to choose the perfect bathroom furniture? Here are 3 things you need to remember.

      1) First – the most important aspect is functionality

      Since the conditions in a typical bathroom include high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations, the first thing we should pay attention to is the quality of the furniture. It must be moisture-resistant, but it should also be made of materials of increased density to make it less absorbent. Such furniture will not delaminate or swell in hot and humid rooms. It is worth checking whether the furniture we choose is made using modern technologies, for example, Nicemoco uses specially modified glue containing antifungal agents to strengthen the fiber structure of bathroom furniture. The use of this technology makes furniture mold-resistant.

      2) Secondly – ​​perfectly matched furniture

      Properly sized, spacious furniture will make using our bathrooms convenient and enjoyable. Before buying, we need to carefully measure our interior space to decide where to place pillars, countertops, wall cabinets, or ceramics. Another factor we have to consider is leaving enough space between certain elements to ensure comfort of use. This is especially important for small bathrooms. We should try to utilize every centimeter of the room, but we need to be careful not to make the interior too cluttered.

      It is a good idea to choose wall-mounted furniture as it will give the room a more spacious impression. Even if our bathroom has very unusual dimensions, or the room is difficult to furnish properly, we don’t always need to choose expensive custom furniture. Currently, there are modular furniture ranges on the market that come in a variety of sizes and are even very compact. This makes even the most problematic bathroom simple. Do not hesitate to experiment – ​​remember that modular furniture can be freely combined horizontally and vertically so that we can create original but still harmonious combinations.

      3) Third – ideal style

      Purchasing bathroom furniture is an investment that will last for years to come. Therefore, we should carefully consider what style we prefer. Furniture with simple forms and without decorative handles and ornaments is best suited for minimalist interiors. Colors should be universal, such as white or gray. On the other hand, stronger colors are a good choice for bathrooms designed for families with children. They can also be used as fashion accessories.

      An interior that looks too austere can be improved with furniture in wood tones, such as countertops or oak-colored cabinets. This is an excellent choice if our bathroom design has a monochromatic overall look. Glossy furniture is best suited for a modern-style bathroom or a glamor-style bathroom. On the other hand, matte colors will be the perfect complement to any classic interior. It all depends on which particular style we prefer.

      3 tips to choose the perfect bathroom furniture

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      4. FAQs

      The following are common questions about bathroom furniture buying.

      1) Modern or traditional bathroom furniture?

      Traditional and modern are two of the most popular bathroom furniture styles. Traditional styles are great for creating a classic and elegant look, while modern styles add a sleek, minimalist touch to the bathroom. Both are great in the bathroom and can make a statement, but it’s better to choose one style and carry it throughout the room.Creating a modern bathroom may be preferable to a traditional solution. Modern fixtures are great for creating a luxurious spa-like look, and if that’s the style you’re going for, there’s plenty of furniture to choose from.

      Modern bathroom furniture can have curved or angular lines, and drawers often don’t have handles to achieve a seamless look. When shopping for furniture online, you’ll find that most modern furniture comes in matte or glossy finishes.

      Traditional furniture will add a vintage style to the bathroom. It often features decorative details such as paneled doors, elaborate handles, and wood-effect finishes.

      So, as you can see, there are many bathroom furniture designs to choose from, which means you can create a look you like without any difficulty.

      2) Wall-mounted or freestanding bathroom furniture?

      In addition to style, you can also choose between wall-mounted or freestanding bathroom furniture. Wall-mounted furniture is great for enhancing the sense of space in a small bathroom. It creates a modern look and makes the floor easier to clean.Wall-mounted furniture is not easier to install than freestanding furniture, but it’s worth the extra effort to get the look you want.

      For an elegant and easier-to-install option, freestanding furniture is your best choice. This type of furniture works well in large bathrooms but can make a small space feel cramped.

      Wall-mounted or freestanding bathroom furniture

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      5. Conclusion

      Choosing bathroom furniture isn’t just about functionality; it’s about creating a personal area that suits your lifestyle. We hope this detailed buyer’s guide will help you learn about choosing bathroom furniture and better bathroom design.​

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