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      How to Import Sanitary Ware from China?

      How to Import Sanitary Ware from China?


      If you are a supplier looking for a supply chain of quality bathroom products. Then why not import bathroom products from China? It is well known that China produces high-quality and elegant bathroom accessories. If you want to import bathroom products from China, then this article will help you. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive introduction to how to import sanitary ware from China, including how to choose sanitary ware accessories, how to find good suppliers and solutions to some common problems. Read on to learn more.

      1. Benefits of importing bathroom ware from China

      First of all, if you want to import bathroom products from China, you need to know the benefits and significance of doing this. Let’s discuss the advantages of importing bathroom products from China.

      1) Affordable price

      The cost of bathroom products imported from China is very cheap. As we all know, China is a big manufacturing country, and its large population has become a rich labor resource. Therefore, labor costs are cheaper than in other developed countries. In any project, cost savings are paramount. If the cost of your product is lower, your profit will be higher. This is why both manufacturers and wholesalers pursue low-cost and good-quality products.

      In addition to cheap labor costs, another reason for low costs is bulk products and industrial automation. Chinese manufacturers deploy state-of-the-art machinery in their production processes. As labor is eliminated and the production process is sped up, the cost of bathroom accessories comes down.

      2) Excellent quality

      Quality is the most intuitive reflection of determining product value because if customers think your product is of good quality, it will be very convenient to use. Then they will buy it even if it is expensive. Chinese sanitary ware manufacturers have rich production experience. They give priority to quality and customer experience during the manufacturing process.

      In addition, China has a vast territory and abundant raw materials. It can meet domestic and foreign demands for bathroom products of various materials. Including feldspar, kaolin, silica, etc.

      3) Innovative design

      Most bathroom product manufacturers in China support customized services, and they can design satisfactory works according to customer requirements. In addition, customers can personally participate in the design process and express their opinions. It not only satisfies the exquisite design but also satisfies the customer’s sense of experience.

      4) Easy to assemble

      Manufacturers completely think from the customer’s perspective when producing. If you are importing bathroom products from China, consider the transportation issues. They do not assemble the product when shipping it to you because it is easier to ship. But don’t worry about assembly, the manufacturer will package the parts and squeeze them into the smallest available space in the shipping container. After receiving the goods, you can unpack and assemble everything according to the included instruction manual. Some manufacturers also offer installation support to their customers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about assembly when importing bathroom accessories from China. Because manufacturers have their customers in mind.

      5) Broad market

      In recent years, with the continuous growth of residential demand, the demand for sanitary ware products at home and abroad has also increased. This has created huge development space for China’s sanitary ware market. China is Asia’s largest sanitary ware producer and largest consumer of sanitary ware. In this country, you will find a wide range of products including bathroom cabinets, washbasins, toilets, pedestals, bathtubs, bidets, urinals, sinks, and more. Prices and quality levels vary.

      Benefits of importing bathroom ware from China

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      2. Where can I find sanitary ware manufacturers and suppliers in China?

      China has a vast territory and many industrial clusters, and the production volume of certain products is relatively large. Searching for manufacturers based on their location is one of the most effective ways to find a quality bathroom manufacturer. Another advantage of looking for manufacturers by region is competitive pricing. Below are some popular areas in China that produce high-quality sanitary ware.

      1) Divided by region

      The following is a list of sanitary ware manufacturers organized according to each region.

      #1. Guangdong Province

      Guangdong Province is the largest sanitary ware manufacturing base in China and even the world. Bathroom products produced in Guangdong are sold all over the world and have won many praises. But if you narrow down the geographical scope, Foshan City in Guangdong Province is the trade center. Bathroom ware is exported to countries all over the world from here. Let’s take a look at the sanitary ware products produced in various regions of Guangdong Province.

      (1) Foshan City

      Foshan City can be said to be the center for the production of sanitary ware products in Guangdong, and it is the largest and most important ceramic production base in China. Many famous bathroom brands have set up factories or sales centers here. These include TOTO, Kohler, Shunke, Lejia, Dongpeng, etc. Foshan is the manufacturing center for bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, and shower rooms. Some bathroom products commonly produced in Foshan include:

      • shower room
      • wash basin
      • bathroom cabinet
      • tub
      • toilet
      (2) Chaozhou City

      Chaozhou City is located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province and is also the porcelain capital of Guangdong. At present, Chaozhou is the largest ceramic sanitary ware production base in the country, with output value accounting for 40% of the country’s total. Accounting for 55% of production and export volume. If you want to buy sanitary ware at competitive prices, it is recommended that you consider sanitary ware products produced in Chaozhou. Here are their common products:

      • dressing table
      • washbasin
      • toilet
      • base
      • other ceramic sanitary ware
      (3) Kaiping City

      Kaiping City, known as the “Chinese Sanitary City”, is also located in Guangdong Province. Its Shuikou Town is the largest production base in Kaiping City, where a large number of sanitary ware products are produced. Compared with products in other cities, the sanitary ware products in Kaiping City are of higher quality and higher end. Suitable for those customers who want high quality. Here is a list of some of the products they often produce:

      • faucet
      • plumbing materials

      (4) Zhongshan City

      The production capacity of sanitary ware manufacturers in Zhongshan City is very strong. Up to now, Zhongshan has produced more than 3 million sets of sanitary ware hardware per day. Zhongshan City alone exports 300 million units to the United States each year. The continuous improvement of the transportation system has accelerated the pace of Zhongshan City’s exports. You can find any sanitary ware you can think of in Zhongshan.

      manufacturers and suppliers in Guangdong Province

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      #2. Fujian Province

      Fujian is adjacent to Guangdong Province, of which Nan’an City is a famous production base for bathroom accessories.

      (1) Nan’an City

      Nan’an City is located in the southern part of Fujian Province. Nan’an is famous for its ceramic production and is the center of celadon production. Celadon ware refers to porcelain with green glazed bowls engraved with carved patterns, comb patterns, or dot patterns. Here is a list of some of the products they often produce:

      • faucet
      • shower
      • angle valve

      #3. Zhejiang Province

      Taizhou City and Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province are also the bases for the production of sanitary ware products in China. Let us introduce them respectively.

      (1) Taizhou City

      Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province is a rapidly developing seaport city adjacent to Luqiao Airport. Taizhou is the largest smart toilet production base in China, with more than 30 large-scale private sanitary ware manufacturers. For example Nicemoco.

      (2) Wenzhou City

      Wenzhou City is another region in Zhejiang Province that exports the most sanitary ware. It has many small factories producing sanitary ware. If you focus on price rather than quality, then Wenzhou is the place for you.

      manufacturers and suppliers in Fujian Province

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      2) Exhibition

      Another way to find one is to attend trade shows. Attending trade shows allows you to meet multiple manufacturers at once. Not only do you have the opportunity to talk face-to-face, but you also get to see real products. This way you can get instant feedback and negotiate better prices and terms. However, there are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers participating in trade shows. If you blindly attend the exhibition without understanding the market, it will waste a lot of your time. Therefore, it is recommended that you first select the manufacturer you are interested in online and then go to the exhibition to learn more about it. The following are some exhibition situations.

      #1. Canton Trade Fair

      The Canton Trade Fair is one of the most important exhibitions for Chinese trade. The exhibition is held twice a year in Guangzhou in spring and autumn. Wholesalers and manufacturers interact with products here. Here you can not only visit their production base but also test the quality of the products.

      Every year, more than 180,000 buyers travel long distances to Guangzhou to purchase products from more than 60,000 suppliers. The Canton Fair lasts for nearly two weeks and is held in three phases:

      • The first phase will showcase different products and services such as electronics, machinery, hardware, building materials, chemicals, and auto parts.
      • The second stage is more about consumer goods, gifts, and decorations.
      • The third phase includes clothing and textiles, bags, shoes and hats, leisure products, office supplies, medical supplies, health care products, etc.

      Please note: If you plan to come to the Canton Fair, please remember that the Bathroom Show is held from April 15th to 19th and October 15th to October 19th each year.

      #2. Guangzhou International Bathroom Expo

      If you want more specific bathroom products, you can attend the Guangzhou Exhibition, which is specially created for bathroom manufacturers. The products on display at this show are all sanitary ware, so you can easily choose from the many manufacturers at the show.

      #3. China International Ceramic Bathroom Expo (CeramBath)

      China International Ceramic and Bathroom Expo is held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is the largest and most influential ceramic and sanitary ware exhibition in China, bringing together about 800 leading brands of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware products. At this expo, buyers from all over the world will see new ideas in the ceramic tile market. The exhibition provides a good platform for ceramic sanitary ware companies.

      bathroom exhibition

      3) B2B platform

      Leverage established B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Sources. These platforms feature extensive lists of Chinese manufacturers, including business profiles, product details, and customer reviews, which are valuable for assessing reliability.

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      3. Steps to import sanitary ware from China

      Importing goods from China requires certain procedures. If you are a novice, here are some steps you can refer to when importing goods.

      1) Understand import rights

      The first step is to understand your import rights. Just contact the customs in the area you want to import to understand the local import and export procedures and procedures. Then prepare relevant information. No two countries have the same procedures. Importers in Europe have to follow a different process than importers in Africa or the United States.

      2) Determine the product

      Once you understand the process in the first step, you can start thinking about the specific goods you want to import. But generally speaking, identifying the goods should be considered from the very beginning, because this is your motivation for understanding the import rights. However, at this step, you need to identify the specific goods you need to import. For example, bathtubs, toilets, washbasins, sinks, faucets, etc. in sanitary ware. Before importing these goods, you need to determine the customer demand and then import the goods according to the customer’s demand.

      3) Find out if these items are allowed in your area

      This is the most critical step. You need to know if these items are allowed in your country. For example, certain bathroom faucets are allowed in some countries but denied in others. Knowing what is allowed in your country will help you avoid ordering items that will be seized at the port of entry. To avoid this, it’s important to do your homework first.

      4) Estimate costs

      While it’s simple to get the cost of the sanitary ware you want to import directly from the manufacturer, it’s not the only cost you need to plan for. You also need to consider the general shipping and clearing charges your shipment will incur. To find out how much the customs authorities will charge you, look up the 10-digit customs classification number for sanitary ware in your country. This number contains information about the customs duties you need to pay. By combining this data with the cargo’s certificate of origin, you will be able to calculate an accurate estimate of the general landing fee.

      5) Determine the manufacturer

      The next step is to identify the Chinese manufacturer. You can contact the manufacturer for the negotiation process and quotation information. Direct negotiation can speed up the process and avoid unnecessary trouble. If you don’t want to contact the manufacturer yourself, you can also find a purchasing agent to do everything for you. If you want a quality manufacturer, Nicemoco is a great choice.

      Steps to import sanitary ware from China

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      4. Problems you may encounter when importing sanitary ware from China

      Here are the problems you may encounter when importing sanitary ware from China.

      1) Communication issues

      The first one is a communication problem because the import and export of goods are carried out between two different countries. This means that the two parties speak different languages, which will make it more difficult for both parties to express their suggestions. Of course, communication issues refer not only to language barriers but also to your reliance on misunderstandings or assumptions when making decisions. The solution is to be transparent in the transaction by hiring a professional translator and expressing both sides’ proposals clearly. This will help you complete your task successfully.

      2) Quality issues

      Quality issues are key in trading. Be sure to ensure that the goods received are as communicated. Many wholesalers have had the misfortune of importing poor-quality sanitary ware. The quality of the goods they see online is not the quality of the goods delivered to them. It is best to look for a manufacturer that guarantees the quality of its products.

      3) Delivery issues

      Delivery issues mainly refer to delayed delivery times. Many factors can cause delivery delays: production issues, regulatory issues, shipping issues, paperwork issues, natural disasters, etc. When considering delivery times, consider all of these factors and develop solutions for these situations.

      In addition, we do not recommend using third-party purchasing agent services as using third-party channels may result in information errors, delivery delays, and increased shipping costs. Ordering directly from the manufacturer is your best option.

      4) After-sales service issues

      A common problem customers encounter is the time it takes to resolve an issue. When looking for a Chinese supplier, ask shortlisted candidates about their process for handling customer complaints and how long customers have to wait for issues to be resolved. Choose a supplier with a proven track record in after-sales service.

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      5) How to avoid these problems

      To be safe and avoid some of these problems, you need to do the following:

      • Make sure the supplier you choose fully understands the required safety standards and product quality
      • Learn about the standard types that apply to specific sanitary ware
      • Ask suppliers about quality control measures
      • Request a compliance certificate from your supplier
      • Attention to detail

      Problems you may encounter when importing sanitary ware from China

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      5. FAQ

      Below are answers to frequently asked questions about importing sanitary ware from China.

      1) How to choose the best bathroom ware?

      Sanitary ware importers have many options. When choosing a specific product or design, brands need to consider customer preferences and meet their expectations. For example, do your customers prefer luxury materials or affordable materials? Modern styling or classic design? These will be the factors that have the greatest impact on sales.

      Before purchasing any design or product from a supplier, you should consider the following:

      • Is the unit designed to be comfortable and safe?
      • Is the design/look popular with my potential customers?
      • Is it stylish enough to enter new markets?
      • Is the unit water efficient?

      How to choose the best bathroom ware

      2) What are the quality standards for Chinese sanitary ware?

      The production of sanitary ware in China must be in accordance with nationally designated standards to ensure the safety of products and customers. When purchasing sanitary ware from China, be sure to request and verify relevant certificates and test reports.

      National Standard

      • GB/T 6952-2015: This is China’s national standard for ceramic sanitary ware, which specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, and storage of ceramic sanitary ware.
      • GB 6566-2010: This standard outlines the limits of radioactive substances in building materials (including sanitary ceramics) to ensure that the products are safe to use and do not pose a health risk.

      quality standards for Chinese sanitary ware

      3) Can I import custom-designed sanitary ware from Chinese manufacturers?

      The answer is, of course, that importing custom-designed sanitary ware from Chinese manufacturers is one of the significant advantages of sourcing from China. Chinese manufacturers often offer a wide range of customization options, including changing designs, sizes, colors, and materials, as well as adding unique features or logos.

      4) How to find a bathroom purchasing agent?

      Hiring a bathroom purchasing agent will save you time and energy. They can help you find the right suppliers, and manage quality control and logistics. The qualities that the best China purchasing agents should possess are:

      • Know your product or product category
      • Have an in-depth understanding of China’s business culture
      • Experienced in quality control and procurement processes
      • Experienced in managing Chinese suppliers and international buyers
      • Have a good service attitude and sense of responsibility

      How to find a bathroom purchasing agent

      5) What are the best shipping and logistics practices for imported sanitary ware?

      • Transportation method: Choose sea transportation for bulk and heavy goods, and choose air transportation for urgent and small orders.
      • Reliable freight forwarder: Work with an experienced bathroom logistics freight forwarder.
      • Pack properly: Use sturdy packaging and clear labels to prevent damage.
      • Customs compliance: Be familiar with and comply with the import regulations and product standards of the destination country.
      • Container optimization: For smaller orders, consider LCL shipping to maximize container space.
      • Shipment tracking: Monitor shipment progress with real-time tracking.
      • Insurance: Purchase comprehensive freight insurance for risk management.

      Shipping of imported sanitary ware

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      6. Conclusion

      Importing sanitary ware products from China has become an international trend. It can help you buy high-quality sanitary ware at cheap prices. Thus creating more profits for your business. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Nicemoco.

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