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      Top 10 Chinese Bathroom Vanities Manufacturers in 2023

      Top 10 Chinese Bathroom Vanities Manufacturers in 2023


      Are you looking for a bathroom vanity for your home or business? There are different brands offering bathroom vanities in China. But if you are buying for the first time, here are some factors you need to consider before buying:

      • Where can I buy bathroom cabinets in China?
      • What are the best bathroom cabinets in China?

      Through this article, we hope that the details in this article will help you in your search for a good bathroom vanity manufacturer. Here, we highlight the top ten brands. But before we start, let us first discuss the main regions of China’s bathroom vanities industry.

      1. Main industrial areas of bathroom vanities in China

      Chinese bathroom vanities come mainly from three regions. These include:

      • Guangdong (Foshan, Jiangmen, Chaozhou)

      The region produces a comprehensive range of bathroom sanitary. These include hardware and ceramic bathroom vanities. The production areas include Foshan, Kaiping, and Zhongshan. Production is also available in other areas of Guangdong, including Chaozhou. At present, Guangdong is the region with the largest number of well-known bathroom brands. The area also houses brands that produce high-quality bathroom vanities. No other production area can compete with this region in terms of industrial intensification.

      • ( Quanzhou, Fujian)
      • ( Taizhou, Zhejiang)

      If you pay attention to product quality, purchase bathroom vanities from Guangdong. The region produces high-end, high-quality bathroom products. But if budget is the deciding factor, you can head to Fujian and Zhejiang. These areas produce quality bathroom products at affordable prices.

      Main industrial areas of bathroom vanities in China

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      2. Top 10 bathroom vanities rankings

      • 1. Jomoo
      • 2. Arrow
      • 3. T&W
      • 4. Nicemoco
      • 5. FAENZA
      • 6. George
      • 7. SHKL
      • 8. Dongpeng
      • 9. SSWW
      • 10. HUIDA

      The above is the top ten bathroom vanities rankings in China. Let us introduce you to the detailed information of each brand.

      1) Jomoo

      The following is a detailed introduction to the Jomoo brand.

      #1. Company background

      Jomoo brand was established in 1990, specializing in the production of bathroom vanities. This includes bathroom and kitchenware. Furthermore, the brand integrates all production levels to produce top quality. Integrating scientific research, service, production, and sales. This makes them a one-stop shop.

      Jomoo is headquartered in Nan’an City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. It is a multifunctional brand with more than 5,000 high-end bathroom specialty stores and more than 200,000 sales outlets around the world. In addition, Jomoo remains one of the largest bathroom vanities manufacturers in China, and it is also one of the major suppliers of bathroom vanities.

      #2. Factory information

      The brand has an innovative technical team of approximately 5,000 people. These teams have obtained more than 12,000 technology patents. The Jomoo brand also has 21 IF Design Awards and 75 Red Dot Design Awards.

      Jomoo brand has 25 subsidiaries and more than 10,000 bathroom vanities stores. It also has more than 300,000 sales outlets in 120 countries.

      #3. Business scope

      • Kitchen cupboard
      • Wardrobe
      • Bathroom
      • The whole house water supply system
      • Balcony
      • Ceramics
      • and stones

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathrooms, whole house water systems, balconies, ceramics, stone.

      Jomoo Bathroom Vanities


      The following is a detailed introduction to the ARROW brand.

      #1. Company background

      ARROW brand has eight functional production plants in Guangdong Province. Two more factories are under construction. In addition, the ARROW brand has ten production bases in China. This Chinese brand was established in 1994 as a large-scale manufacturing enterprise. More importantly, it is engaged in the production of architectural sanitary ceramics. In addition to manufacturing, the ARROW brand is also engaged in product sales. It produces home accessories from ceramic tiles to bathroom and wardrobe fittings.

      #2. Factory information

      ARROW’s Guangdong headquarters covers an area of ​​4 million square meters. The brand also has ten production bases in China. In addition, the Arrow brand has more than 5,000 active personnel. In addition, it has 6,000 sales outlets in China.

      #3. Business scope

      • Smart bathroom
      • Ceramic tile
      • Wardrobe
      • and custom home

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      ARROW is a household name in China and has influence all over the world. It is a major brand in China’s architectural bathroom manufacturing industry. It is also engaged in large-scale sales of sanitary ceramics.


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      3) T&W

      The following is a detailed introduction to the T&W brand.

      #1. Company background

      T&W has a long 20-year history of producing products that have changed the look of bathrooms and changed many people’s lives for the better. They are the fastest-growing bathtub manufacturer in the country. The company is headquartered in Foshan.

      They have a proven track record of producing high-quality products.

      #2. Factory information

      They have a huge factory. The plant covers a total area of 32.00 square meters. The company’s success lies in its volume. According to their official press release, they earn $30 million a year.

      Their professional work ranges widely. With more than 200 skilled workers and employees, they will break records in the bathroom cabinet manufacturing industry in China. They have independent teams that focus on innovating new technologies and increasing product lines.

      #3. Business scope

      Its main products are

      • Wash basin
      • Bathroom sink, such as shower basin.
      • Different bathtub

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      They have all kinds of exciting products. Over 200 products to choose from. They produce high-quality bathtub and basin models.

      T&W bathroom vanity

      4) Nicemoco

      The following is a detailed introduction to the Moen brand.

      #1. Company background

      Nicemoco, founded in 2005, is a professional bathroom furniture manufacturer & supplier from China, that focuses on R & D, manufacturing, production, and sale of top-grade sanitary wares. Our products range from high-grade bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, and other various bathroom accessories.

      Since its establishment, It has built a ‘MOCO ‘ graceful brand with a unique marketing perspective, concentrating life inspiration into delicate bathroom cabineting products. Fully quality control systems like ISO9001:2008 international Quality System Authentication have passed through under the strategy guidance of standards in accordance with national relative criteria. and abroad like North America, Europe, America, Asia, and other related countries.

      #2. Factory information

      Nicemoco is headquartered in Zhejiang, China. Their team involves 3 product engineers, 6 structural engineers, 6 software engineers, and 10 circuit engineers, and the most of engineers have well-known state-owned enterprises or enterprises work experience.

      #3. Business scope

      Its main products are

      • Bathroom Vanities
      • Faucets
      • and bathroom accessories

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      Nicemoco products combine beauty, artistry, functionality, and superior quality.


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      5) FAENZA

      The following is a detailed introduction to the FFAENZA brand.

      #1. Company background

      FAENZA is committed to the mass production of bathroom vanities and ceramic tiles. The brand was established in 1999 and is engaged in the production of household products. This is a well-known brand with influence in every corner of the world.

      FAENZA The purpose of the FAENZA brand is to integrate art and life through its products and services. It aims to create a consumer living space that combines high-grade art. Their products are always elegant.

      #2. Factory information

      The brand has more than 2,300 sales outlets. It also holds more than 170 authorized patents. It has 8 first-class production bases with complete functions. Two additional production sites are under construction.

      #3. Business scope

      • Smart toilet seat
      • Bathroom Cabinet
      • and bathtub
      • Ceramic bathroom vanities
      • Shower room
      • Kitchen
      • and bathroom faucets
      • and hardware pendants

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      FAENZA’s products are high-end quality products and are currently sold to 86 countries and regions around the world. FAENZA has a complete global sales network, with hundreds of city agents in China and nearly 100,000 special sales terminal stores around the world.



      The following is a detailed introduction to the George brand.

      #1. Company background

      Established in 2006, George Building is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware and bathroom vanities in China. The company is known for its seamless combination of advanced technology and process excellence, providing construction products that excel in terms of quality, design, durability, and service life.

      Bathroom supplies are one of the many product lines offered by George Buildings. The company specializes in providing a full range of building materials and products to meet all your building and renovation needs.

      #3. Business scope

      • Bathroom sinks
      • bathtubs
      • shower systems
      • a variety of other building products

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      George Buildings offers a stunning range of bathroom vanities in different designs, sizes, and colors to suit your modern aesthetic. The company’s advantage over its competitors lies in its ability to customize. You can customize the bathroom sink to your liking.

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      The following is a detailed introduction to the SHKL brand.

      #1. Company background

      SKHL bathroom brand is located in Foshan and focuses on manufacturing high-end products. Their products range from bathroom vanities to bathroom vanities. Foshan Shengkanglai Bathroom Vanities Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and has three design centers. These design centers are independent of each other. In addition, it has eight branches and three production facilities.

      The SHKL brand combines all areas of production, including research and development and marketing. This helps ensure that their products appeal to their target consumers.

      #2. Factory information

      SKHL has more than 5 multi-brand ecological matrices and is a major brand in China. Its business covers more than 600 major provincial capital cities in China. The brand also has more than 800 stores in China.

      #3. Business scope

      • Bathroom Cabinet
      • Shower room
      • Toilet
      • Ceramic bathroom vanities
      • and hardware faucets

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      SKHL has a great reputation for producing the finest wooden bathroom cabinets.

      George bathroom vanity

      8) Dongpeng

      The following is a detailed introduction to the Dongpeng brand.

      #1. Company background

      The Dongpeng brand integrates all production factors to ensure top-quality products. Design, research and development, production, sales, and service are all integrated. The products provided by Dongpeng cover a wide range of fields. These niche markets include ceramics, bathroom furniture, and smartphones. It also has products in the leisure segment and leading hardware segments.

      Dongpeng has production bases in Foshan, Yongchuan, Jiangxi, and Guangdong. Other areas with bases include Jiangmen, Heshan, Fengcheng, Chongqing, etc. This ensures that their products reach their target consumers.

      #2. Factory information

      Dongpeng has more than 20 years of experience in the bathroom industry. It has more than 1,500-star service outlets across the country. These outlets offer five-star services and home bathroom solutions. More than 20 million families around the world have witnessed Dongpeng’s high-quality services.

      #3. Business scope

      • Sanitary ceramics
      • Bathroom furniture
      • Leisure bathroom
      • Smart bathroom
      • Faucet hardware
      • and kitchen hardware

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      Dongpeng is a major brand in China’s bathroom vanities industry.

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      9) SSWW

      The following is a detailed introduction to the SSWW brand.

      #1. Company background

      Founded in 1994, SSWW is one of China’s leading bathroom brands. Have strength and influence around the world. SSWW integrates R&D, production, and sales. It also provides hygiene products and services. Also known as Langjing bathroom vanities, this brand has achieved great results. These achievements span many areas of health. These include; smart toilets and bathroom cabinets. It also produces hardware showerheads, bathtubs, and shower rooms.

      The brand is committed to bringing comfort to families around the world. By producing comfortable sanitary ware, it achieves this goal.

      #2. Factory information

      In China, the brand has more than 1,500 product sales outlets. It also has a complete service network. The network aims to provide consumers with a full range of services. Their service is always efficient and of high quality. That’s why most Chinese people like them.

      #3. Business scope

      • Smart toilet
      • Hardware shower
      • Bathroom Cabinet
      • Tub
      • and shower room

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      SSWW is a leading brand in the production of comfortable bathroom ware. It is also a top Chinese brand with global influence.

      SSWW Bathroom Vanities

      10) HUIDA

      The following is a detailed introduction to the HUIDA brand.

      #1. Company background

      HUIDA is headquartered in Tangshan City. The company was founded in 1982, initially to produce ceramic sanitary ware. Later, they developed into a top and leading manufacturer and distributor of smart bathroom accessories.

      #2. Factory information

      The company is one of the best companies in the manufacture and supplier of bathroom vanities. They have more than eight different production plants in other parts of China and are growing into a leading manufacturing company.

      You can estimate their rapid growth by their annual sales and annual production. They produce 7 million products a year. They have a huge market in China and are looking forward to expanding their country overseas.

      Their excellent customer support adds to their already well-established image with the public.

      #3. Business scope

      • Sanitary ceramics
      • Heating the toilet seat

      #4. Reasons for recommendation

      They produce products with the needs of their customers in mind. Once you have tried their products, you will never go anywhere else when you need hygiene products.

      Hansa bathroom vanity

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      3. Things to pay attention to when buying bathroom sanitary

      If you are looking for bathroom products, you have to keep a few things in mind, because there are a lot of scams out there to take your money.

      The first and main thing you should pay attention to when checking the manufacturing quality of a product is that you should always check the validity of the product warranty. Never buy products with no warranty or a short warranty period, as they may be made of poor quality.

      It is best to remember that you need bulk products; For that, you have to look at the reputation of the manufacturer. The next thing you should remember is to look around before blindly buying a product. You need to know what products are needed around you and globally.

      That being said, you’re ready to take the first step in getting the hygiene products you want to make your life easier.

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      4. Conclusion

      Bathroom ware is an important accessory for homes and offices. Getting the right bathroom products is the first step to a proper hygienic lifestyle. There are many bathroom brands in China. This makes choosing the right brand a little difficult. But with the above ten bathroom brands, your choice becomes easy. I hope this article can help you find the right bathroom ware, if you would like to ask other questions, please contact Nicemoco.

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