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      What are the Types of Bathroom Vanity?


      A bathroom vanity is undoubtedly a very popular piece of bathroom furniture in any bathroom area. However, it is important to understand the nuances between the plethora of different designs on the market before deciding to purchase a bathroom vanity. Available in a variety of contrasting styles and sizes, and made from a number of different materials with different functions, there are many factors to consider before choosing the perfect vanity for your particular space.

      In this blog, we will focus on the subtle yet obvious differentiating elements that define a particular vanity model from the rest. This could include, for example, the pros and cons of specifying a bathroom vanity with a mirror versus one with built-in LED lighting. All in all, in addition to the main functions, you will learn about the key design elements of bathroom cabinets and get an overview of the richness of styles available and their strengths and weaknesses.

      1. What is a Bathroom Vanity?

      A bathroom vanity is a flat piece of furniture with a sink or basin above it and ample cabinet space underneath. Bathroom vanities provide additional storage without disturbing the surrounding area, and can also subtly hide necessary plumbing for a cleaner, more attractive overall aesthetic.

      A vanity is an ideal piece to help keep your bathroom organized, providing an ideal storage center for items like shampoo, body wash, toilet paper, towels, and other bathroom essentials. As such, they both make an equally alluring proposition, both from a practicality and appearance point of view.

      While we use the generally accepted term “bathroom vanity” for the purposes of this blog, this type of fixture can be referred to by many alternate monikers. These include abbreviated terms such as vanity cabinets, bathroom cabinets, under-sink cabinets, bathroom vanity units, and simple vanities and vanity units, as previously mentioned.

      2. Which Bathrooms are Bathroom Vanities Best Suited for?

      In fact, the wide variety of bathroom vanity designs on the market today means they can prove suitable for any bathroom area.

      The size and layout of your bathroom will determine which style you choose – for example, a larger vanity is obviously better suited as an eye-catching focal piece in a larger bathroom.

      Alternatively, you may decide to opt for a cloakroom vanity for particularly compact bathrooms or en suite rooms.

      Likewise, no matter which type wins you over, you can be assured that the combination of sleek aesthetics and superior functionality will prevail, without compromise on either.

      3. What are the Different Types of Bathroom Cabinets?

      We’ve already discussed the wide variety of bathroom vanity designs available, but it’s useful to break them down into broadly defined categories. From there, you can add or remove components as you see fit for your bathroom setup.

      1) Freestanding Dresser

      The Freestanding Vanity is a freestanding bathroom vanity ideal for creating an eye-catching centerpiece in bathrooms large or small.

      Ideally, a freestanding bathroom vanity should sit in front of the bathroom mirror with plenty of room around it, allowing the user to take full advantage of its functionality.

      2) Wall Mounted Dresser

      With a wall-mounted vanity, there is space between the floor and the furniture component itself.

      Of course, the look of wall-mounted bathroom vanities is more desirable than many, while depending on the bathroom layout, they may be a necessity for some. Just like I have a friend who is a Agree Chamber manufacturer. The first time he invited me to his house, I noticed that all his bathroom vanity was wall-mounted. He told me that because the bathroom layout was too small at that time, using a wall-mounted vanity could save more space underneath.

      So regardless of the standard of reasoning under which they are installed, wall-mounted vanities will integrate a useful, ultra-cluttered additional storage facility underneath.

      3) Corner Dresser

      Somewhat self-explanatory by their moniker, corner vanities are designed to be tucked away comfortably in the corner of a bathroom.

      Another piece of bathroom furniture that excels at maximizing space, the corner bathroom vanity retains all the same storage benefits as the other styles. However, they are only suitable for installation in bathrooms with very specific layouts, favoring the installation of corner furniture.

      4) Washbasin

      The vanity repeats the theme of emphasizing the advantages of maximizing space and can therefore be considered a particularly discreet choice for compact bathrooms or even suite areas.

      Exuding a chic bathroom boutique vibe, both modern and traditional vanity vanities can be counted as some of the most stylish bathroom furniture on the market.

      5) Combined Dressing Table

      Of course, it’s not just vanities that incorporate additional elements, offering potential buyers a well-rounded bathroom furniture solution that goes beyond useful storage options.

      Combination vanities can do the same, featuring a two-in-one toilet and basin unit. Each face of the unit is connected to the other, creating a streamlined appearance, which again increases the usable space.

      That doesn’t mean you have to pick a particular small combo unit, though. As with most types of bathroom cabinets, there is a wide range of size options associated with combination units. So if you have a bathroom big enough to accommodate, then double vanities with a width of over 1000mm become viable styles.

      6) Cloakroom Dresser

      If small bathroom furniture models are more your favorites, the modest design features of the cloakroom vanity are well worth considering, even if the component does not necessarily have to be placed in the cloakroom.

      These smaller models are available in wall-mounted and freestanding designs, with vertical and horizontal styles in traditional and modern themes.

      So, if a cloakroom vanity proves to be the best choice for your compact bathroom area, you won’t be stuck choosing a specific type.

      4. What Colors of Bathroom Cabinets are Available?

      Bathroom vanities are available in a huge range of different colors to suit every interior design – and in some cases, the material of the vanity will also determine its finish. For example, broadly speaking, classic bathroom cabinets often feature a wood finish. Whether in light oak, dark distressed patterns, or MDF painted in blue, anthracite, and pastel tones.

      At the same time, modern bathroom vanities often have a glossy aesthetic, with elegant black and clean white tones being popular accents. These shades can also be contrasted, with a white vanity or toilet complementing black cabinets and vice versa.

      Alternative designs include marble-style components with modern and traditional auras, as well as a variety of other designs. Of course, personal preference always plays the biggest role in deciding which bathroom vanity finish you choose. But you also need to decide if your vanity choice will fit with your existing bathroom decor, or if a larger overhaul is needed to achieve the look you want.

      If you’re keen to join the hottest cottage-core bathroom trend of 2021, the rustic appeal of wooden bathroom cabinets might appeal to you. Those keen to introduce a more futuristic look can do so by opting for a sleeker version or a vanity with a matte finish – the Milano Oxley Wall Mounted Step Vanity Unit with Countertop Basin is one such Excellent choice.

      5. What Sizes of Bathroom Cabinets are Available?

      Another aspect of bathroom cabinets that involves multiple options is size. Broadly speaking, bathroom cabinets come in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and vary in width, height, and depth. Cloakroom bathroom vanities from NICEMOCO are as small as 400mm wide x 540mm high and 240mm deep, making them an idyllic choice for particularly cramped bathroom areas.

      Components of this size have such a small impact on the surrounding space that other important fixtures and fittings can be comfortably placed nearby without any adverse effect on either. At the other end of the size spectrum, something like a double basin vanity can span over 1200mm wide and 620m high, with depths in the 500mm range.

      Of course, a sizable bathroom area is required to accommodate this furniture, but it can also eliminate the need for what might otherwise be a bulky necessity, such as a sink or basin. The Milano Bexley Dark Oak Wall Mounted Open Shelf Vanity with Double Basins is the perfect example of a streamlined bathroom vanity that includes a pair of built-in sinks.

      At the same time, the contrasting shape of the vanity is another important factor in its versatility, making it suitable for installation in a variety of different bathrooms. Narrow vanities are a great option, for example, for bathrooms with limited floor space where storage is hard to find. Opting for a vanity with a shallow sink can ensure a further increase in internal storage space in this case.

      The Milano Lurus White Minimalist Compact Floor Standing Cloakroom Vanity Unit with Basin offers the best of both worlds when it comes to these details.

      6. How Do You Install Bathroom Cabinets?

      Our entire collection of bathroom vanities comes with easy-to-follow instructions related to furniture installation. However, for some purchases, such as vanities with basins or sinks, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional plumber to complete the installation.

      Likewise, if you don’t consider yourself at the height of DIY expertise, you have the option of getting professional help in installing any type of bathroom vanity you might choose, whether wall-mounted or freestanding. In addition to the initial cost of the bathroom vanity itself, though, you should also consider the additional outlay this will entail.

      7. How Much is the Price of the Bathroom Cabinet?

      Pricing for bathroom cabinets ranges from as low as £100 to as high as over £2,000, with models popping up all over the charts. Essentially, the size and style of bathroom furniture will prove to be an important factor in determining the cost of bathroom vanities, as well as the additional fixtures included in some sets.

      For example, a bathroom vanity that is part of a package that includes a toilet, double vanity, and mirror is necessarily on the higher side compared to a simple minimalist cloakroom vanity without any bells and whistles”.

      If you have a specific budget when shopping for bathroom cabinets, NICEMOCO offers the ability to filter by price, so you can only rule out any options that you think Spend more than you can afford.

      8. Conclusion

      Hopefully, after reading this buyer’s guide, you will be well-informed about everything you need to know about choosing the right bathroom vanity. However, if you would like to know more about vanity units or make the perfect choice for your bathroom both functionally and aesthetically, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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