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      Bathroom Mirrors Vs. Regular Mirrors: What’s The Difference?

      Bathroom Mirrors Vs Regular Mirrors: What’s The Difference?


      Bathroom mirrors, bathtubs, and sinks are some of the most iconic parts of a bathroom setting. Bathroom mirrors are different from regular mirrors because they are made of tempered glass. If tempered glass breaks, it will break into small pieces, reducing the risk of injury. Bathroom mirrors are also different from ordinary mirrors in structure and beauty.

      In this article, we will show you the differences between bathroom mirrors and regular mirrors.

      1. Bathroom Mirrors Vs. Regular Mirrors

      Bathroom vanity mirrors are different from ordinary mirrors in many ways. Here’s a closer look at the differences.

      1) Mirror size

      Bathroom mirrors come in different sizes than regular mirrors. They are designed to match the bathroom sink vanity. Sinks are usually square or rectangular, and mirrors have the same shape and proportions to fit over the sink. Make sure not to use a mirror that is too large as it can make the area look crowded and bulky. If the mirror is too small, you’ll have to lean against the dresser to see your reflection. It is important to determine the dimensions of the wall where you will install the bathroom mirror, as a mirror that is too large will appear bulky.

      On the other hand, a bathroom mirror that is too small will force guests to lean against the vanity to see themselves. For both men and women, it is important to remember the purpose of a bathroom mirror:

      • make up
      • Putting contact lenses into eyes
      • Cleanse and wash your face
      • facial care

      That’s why it’s important to consider size when buying a bathroom mirror. If you purchase a mirror that is too large, it may be difficult to reach the top corners for cleaning. If your bathroom sink is a large vanity, have a full range of products for cleaning and proper use of your bathroom mirror.

      Also, keep in mind the thickness of the mirror. Most mirrors are 3/16 inch thick and can withstand a lot of contact without any problems. Thinner mirrors can break if hit hard, whether an object slips from your hand or a door closes quickly. It’s always good to plan for the worst-case scenario.

      Bathroom Mirrors Vs. Regular Mirrors

      2) The structure of the mirror

      There are three types of bathroom mirrors: with medicine cabinet, without medicine cabinet, and with shelf. A mirror with a bathroom cabinet allows you to store items like contact lens solution, toothbrushes, and hairbrushes out of sight; it’s also hygienic. For sane reasons, it’s best to hide your toothbrush from people’s backsplashes when they go to the bathroom. Putting it in the medicine keeps it protected and dry from any airborne diseases.

      3) Material

      Bathroom vanity mirrors are made of tempered glass, while regular mirrors are made of regular glass. Tempered glass is a special type designed with safety in mind. It is treated with special chemicals and then molded into the desired shape. The molding process takes place in a temperature-controlled environment.

      This is why when a bathroom mirror is hit hard or faced with extreme temperature changes, it doesn’t break into sharp pieces like a regular mirror. Instead, it breaks into small round pieces to prevent injury. You can also use bathroom mirrors made of laminated glass.

      Regular mirrors are more likely to fog-up than bathroom vanity mirrors. Additionally, bathrooms tend to be constantly exposed to high humidity, which regular mirrored glass doesn’t handle well. This can promote mold growth and eventually cause the back of the mirror to crack.

      2. Types of bathroom mirrors

      There are many types of bathroom mirrors, please see the detailed introduction below.

      1) Bathroom mirror with medicine cabinet

      If you’re not familiar, a medicine cabinet is simply a mirror on a hinge that reveals a small space for storage. These types of mirrors are great for bathrooms with kids, or if you want to store medications without having to stuff them in a drawer.

      Guests can’t see what you hide in your medicine cabinet. They can only see the mirror. Store brushes, creams, contact solutions, and anything else you need to prepare in your medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet is a bit dated as newer bathrooms may be completely pressed into the wall and our next mirror is standard.

      2) Bathroom mirror with frame

      Bathroom mirrors with shelves are more common in bathrooms to keep vanities and sinks as clean as possible. If you have kids, toothpaste or general facial products may get splattered all over the dresser. To keep it clean, the mirror now comes with a shelf on which simple items can be placed for quick access.

      If your bathroom is where you store your cologne, facial cleanser, contact lenses, and dental care products, then a medicine cabinet may be your best choice. Simply place a shelf over your sink to quickly access items like a toothbrush or comb without cluttering your bathroom decor.

      If several people (1 or 2) use this bathroom, we recommend using a mirror with a shelf as it is perfect for easy access to items and looks better in the master bedroom.

      3) Independent bathroom mirror

      In most 21st-century bathrooms, only bathroom mirrors are common. Now, storage space is concentrated more on the dresser than on the mirror itself. As previously mentioned, medicine cabinet mirrors are starting to be phased out, with single-sided flat-backed mirrors becoming more common. Not only are they more common, there are more options to choose from and a wider range of options to match your bathroom.

      Bathroom Mirrors Vs. Regular Mirrors

      3. Factors to consider when choosing a bathroom mirror

      You can’t just pick any mirror for your bathroom, especially if you want to avoid constantly buying new mirrors.

      1) Moisture and humidity

      Your bathroom vanity mirror should be able to withstand humidity and humidity. This is why using wood or metal frames is a bad idea as they can warp or rust. Likewise, the backing of a frameless mirror will eventually crack. Your best option is to use beveled mirrors as they last longer.


      If a regular bathroom mirror should break, the broken glass will pose a major safety hazard even if you clean the floor. (There always seems to be a stray shard or two lying around.) This is why tempered or laminated bathroom mirror glass is important because it breaks into tiny, rounded pieces that won’t puncture the skin.

      3) Shape

      Convex mirrors bulge; distort your reflection and make it appear smaller. Concave mirrors curve like a spoon, making your reflection appear larger. You can use them for shaving, plucking eyebrows, or any task that requires careful observation. It goes without saying that flat mirrors are your best choice as they provide more realistic reflections.

      4) Form and function

      Mirrors can bring a lot of functionality to your bathroom. Decide what other features you want it to have besides reflection. If you want to conveniently store all your cosmetics and essentials, a traditional mirrored medicine cabinet is a great choice. Suitable for small bathrooms, they provide plenty of storage space. In addition, hiding your toothbrush is also a hygienic habit.

      Alternatively, you can choose a mirror to make a style statement and make it the focal point of your bathroom. Maybe get bigger, wilder, and trendier. Or use a mirror to make your small bathroom look more spacious. They refract light, and strategically placed they can increase the feeling of space in a bathroom, giving the illusion of a larger space. You can even install two mirrors and use them to brighten your bathroom and illuminate dark corners.

      Bathroom Mirrors Vs. Regular Mirrors

      4. FAQ

      Here are answers to frequently asked questions about bathroom mirrors.

      1) Does the mirror use tempered glass?

      Tempered glass is used in bathroom mirrors, such as vanity mirrors, etc. Tempered glass is made by heating ordinary glass and then quickly cooling it to the desired state. When broken, they break down into small pieces. The tempering process gives the glass extra strength and durability, making it ideal for use in bathrooms. Unlike ordinary glass, tempered glass can withstand significant impacts without breaking.

      2) What is the principle of anti-fog on bathroom mirrors?

      The main differentiating factor of bathroom mirrors is their anti-fog properties. This can be achieved in a number of ways, most commonly by coating the bathroom mirror with an anti-fog agent (such as silicone or colloidal silver) during the manufacturing process. Another option is to use a surface that doesn’t have any actual contact with moisture, such as dichroic glass or plastic, although these surfaces feel more like cold plastic than reflective glass. They avoid air contact by using an air gap between the bathroom mirror and the reflective material.

      3) How long is the service life of anti-fog mirrors?

      Actually, it depends on the quality of the mirror. Over time, cheaper anti-fog surfaces can become damaged or covered in soap scum and lose their anti-fog properties. A good quality mirror can last for many years without any problems. The anti-fog properties of a mirror depend on its surface, so if the mirror is damaged, it will not have good anti-fog properties.

      Instead, try to keep your mirror clean and free of damage for best results. If your mirror already has scratches or watermarks, you can use an anti-fog spray to help keep it fog-free. A quality mirror should be made from high-quality, non-porous materials that won’t scratch or damage over time and maintain its anti-fog properties. The best way to ensure that reflective surfaces stay clear for as long as possible is to use a glass mirror.

      4) How to clean an anti-fog bathroom mirror?

      This depends on the type of anti-fog agent. For example, if you have a mirror with an embedded silicone layer, cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with something like a warm, damp cloth. If your bathroom does become very foggy and you are unable to increase ventilation, it may be worth using a stronger chemical cleaner to remove all soap scum and ensure it doesn’t build up again in the future.

      If your mirror has condensation or watermarks from condensed steam rather than water droplets, you can use a cleaner. But be careful, as certain types of cleaners can damage reflective surfaces over time. Be sure to check anything related to the manufacturer against their best practice recommendations.

      Bathroom Mirrors Vs. Regular Mirrors

      5. Conclusion

      This guide summarizes the differences between bathroom mirrors and regular mirrors and how to pick the right one for your bathroom. I hope this guide will be helpful to you when choosing a bathroom mirror. Please contact Nicemoco if you have any questions.

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