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    Nicemoco FAQs

    Q1: How to get a sample? 

    A2: Yes, you can get a sample according to your request. Samples will be ready within 15 days and shipping by sea, airway and courier are available

    Q2: How about the payment terms? 

    A3: T/T,L/C,D/P.D/A

    Q3: What’s the leading time? 

    • -Sample order: within 15 days. 
    • -20GP container:25-35 days. 
    • -40HQ container:30-45 days. 

    Q4: What value-added services does NICEMOCO provide? 

    A5: We provide Free product design, Free stock, Free CAD drawings, Free artwork design of packing, and Free QC&QA report same as the 3rd party inspection of each PO. Containers booking and loading and document preparation are professional with free.

    Q5: Can accept OEM? 

    A6:Yes.OEM&ODM are both available. It’s able to manufacture a copy according to your brand and drawings.

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      Top 10 LED Bathroom Mirror Manufacturer In China

      Top 10 LED Bathroom Mirror Manufacturers in China


      LED mirrors are a stylish and essential decorative element for every space. Their modern aesthetic offers luxury and upscale design. They can also double as the main light source in a small bathroom. Most modern bathrooms have LED mirrors. They are often found in bathrooms, integrated with vanities, or built into the wall. If you need bathroom LED mirrors to brighten your space, you should know where to source them, and China is the best option.

      Nicemoco has compiled the list of the top 10 LED bathroom mirror manufacturers in China for your convenience.

      1. Corelead



      • Business type: Corelead is a manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing of LED mirrors.
      • Year of establishment: 2013
      • Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
      • Products: Corelead mainly produces LED products, here is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • LED mirror cabinet
      • LED bathroom mirror
      • LED fitting mirror
      • LED Lamp

      Corelead has been focusing on LED bathroom lighting, LED cabinets, LED mirrors, and control systems for 9 years. With many years of OEM/ODM experience, Corelead designs develops, produces, and sells all over the world. It has established a complete IS09001:2015 quality management system and BSCI social responsibility management system and won the title of high-tech enterprise. In addition, their products have passed UL, ETL, CE, GS, VDE, and other certifications to ensure safety and long-lasting service life.

      Corelead provides a variety of LED bathroom mirrors, including smart LED bathroom mirrors, anti-fog LED smart mirrors, hotel LED bathroom mirrors, etc. And provides a 2-year warranty on electronic parts.

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      2. Elegant mirror

      Elegant mirror


      • Business type: Elegant Mirror is a manufacturer of high-quality LED bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets.
      • Year of establishment: 2005
      • Location: Dongguan, Guangdong
      • Products: Elegant Common products include the following.
      • Bathroom LED mirror
      • cabinet
      • Custom mirrors and cabinets

      Elegant Mirror’s factory has a total area of ​​30,000 square meters and more than 700 employees. The monthly output of bathroom mirrors is 40,000 pieces, and the monthly output of bathroom mirror cabinets is 4,000 pieces. They have been serving the hotel and residential industry and providing OEM for over 16 years, and their product lines include LED bathroom mirrors, LED illuminated mirror cabinets, LED edgeless mirrors, backlit hotel bathroom mirrors, etc.

      Among them, Elegant Mirror’s LED mirror products have obtained CE, IP44, UL, SAA, and SASO certifications and are very popular with customers around the world, especially in North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, etc. (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France), Italy, Poland, Australia, etc.

      Elegant Mirror also offers a customization service, with a variety of bathroom mirror styles to choose from, giving you maximum design flexibility. You can find their factory display and professional quotation information on Elegant Mirror’s official website.

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      3. Nicemoco



      • Business Type: NICEMOCO is a professional bathroom furniture manufacturer and supplier from China.
      • Year of establishment: 2005
      • Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang
      • Products: Nicemoco specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of bathroom furniture products. Here is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • bathroom cabinet
      • bathroom mirror
      • faucet
      • tub
      • bathroom accessories

      NICEMOCO focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, production, and sales of high-end sanitary ware. Their product range includes high-end bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, and various other bathroom accessories. MOCO bathroom furniture has hundreds of styles and about 20 different materials. Including modern and classic styles from Europe, North America, Australia, and China.

      In terms of materials, bathroom furniture uses MDF, MFC, plywood, oak, ebony, etc. Under the strategic guidance of relevant national standards, Nicemoco has passed a comprehensive quality control system such as ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification. As well as foreign countries in North America, Europe, America, Asia, and other related countries.

      In addition, Moco can produce customized products based on customers’ drawings or samples. If you need a custom bathroom mirror, whether you are looking for a single bathroom mirror or a high-volume commercial project, Nicemoco has the expertise and resources to meet your needs. And two-year warranty service is provided free of charge.

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      4. DAPAI Mirror

      DAPAI Mirror


      • Business Type: DAPAI Mirror is one of the largest LED mirror manufacturers, suppliers, and factories in China.
      • Year of establishment: 2000
      • Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong
      • Product: DAPAI Mirror produces various bathroom mirrors and has 24 years of industry manufacturing experience. Below is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • LED bathroom mirror
      • bathroom mirror cabinet
      • bathroom magnifying mirror
      • Cosmetic mirror

      DAPAI Mirror has 10 automated production lines with an annual output of more than 600,000 LED mirrors, forming the cornerstone of continuous innovation and efficient delivery. With more than ten years of experience in the production of high-end illuminated mirrors, DAPAI Mirror’s smart mirrors, home decoration mirrors, and bathroom mirrors have become the products of choice in five-star hotels and public places.

      DAPAI Mirror can not only quickly mass-produce products required by customers, but also has professional design and development capabilities to provide customers with complete product solutions. Accept customized services, if the customer has drawings, including size, material, and special requirements, then they can make the mold according to the drawings. If the customer does not have drawings but has samples, then the samples need to be sent to their engineering team, and then they will work with you to develop the product and produce the drawings. Then they make molds based on the drawings.

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      5. Keonjinn



      • Business Type: KeonJinn has been a leading manufacturer of various LED mirrors for over 10 years.
      • Year of establishment: unknown
      • Location: Hong Kong, China
      • Products: Below is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • front mirror
      • backlight mirror
      • trichromatic mirror
      • smart mirror
      • Hollywood mirror

      KeonJinn is a leading brand in mirror solutions. They focus on product innovation and the highest quality standards. It is their mission to provide products with greater value and necessary luxury. They are committed to becoming a leader in high-quality life. KeonJinn provides modern/contemporary/simple European-style LED bathroom mirrors, LED full-length mirrors, LED metal frame mirrors, ordinary metal frame mirrors, and pivot mirrors. All bathroom mirrors are ETL, UL, CE, RoHS, and IP54 certified, comply with US/Canada/other countries’ regulations, and can be used safely in bathrooms.

      KeonJinn adheres to sustainable development and customizable services, allowing customers to enjoy unique bathroom mirrors while protecting the environment. Whether you need a large mirror, a unique shape, special features, or personalization, KeonJinn will be happy to accommodate your needs.

      6. SHKL



      • Business type: SHKL is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, and marketing.
      • Year of establishment: 2004
      • Location: Foshan, Guangdong
      • Products: SHKL has a diverse product landscape, here is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • bathroom cabinet
      • display door
      • LED bathroom mirror

      SHKL has 4 production bases with a factory area of ​​150,000 square meters and more than 900 employees. Focusing on bathroom cabinets, LED bathroom mirrors, and shower doors, it drives the development of faucets, showers, toilets, and other related industries, forming a diversified industrial structure. His products are exported to more than 50 countries and he has more than 1,000 stores worldwide.

      SHKL’s products are produced at various production sites. Using modern technology, every step from raw materials to finished products is strictly controlled. You can view and browse factory information on SHKL’s official website. SHKL is a leading company in the sanitary ware industry. Their aim is to bring innovative designs and quality products to their valued customers. They have become an industry leader in quality, fashion, and styling after nearly 20 years of hard work and persistence, with exceptional customer service care, superior experience, and strict quality standards.

      7. Lux Universe Lighting

      Lux Universe Lighting


      • Business Type: Lux Universe Lighting is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of various types of mirror products.
      • Year of establishment: 2019
      • Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
      • Products: Below is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • LED bathroom mirror
      • LED makeup mirror
      • LED vanity mirror
      • LED mirror light
      • LED mirror cabinet

      Lux Universe Lighting is committed to professional customization and providing bathroom/bedroom/home LED mirror solutions to customers in different markets around the world. They have their own R&D team and strict quality control system. Currently, their products have obtained VDE, TUV, Semko, CE/RoHS, and other professional certifications to meet the certification needs of different markets.

      In addition, Lux Universe Lighting can provide design services, sampling services, molding, production and quality control services, certification and testing services, packaging and delivery services, quality assurance, and after-sales services.

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      8. Mirrotic



      • Business type: Mirrotic is a comprehensive mirror supplier and manufacturer.
      • Year of establishment: 1998
      • Location: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
      • Products: Below is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • Plane mirror
      • lighting mirror
      • Ambient mirror
      • mirror cabinet

      Mirrotic was founded in 1998 and was one of the first companies to enter the lighting mirror industry. As of now, Mirrotic has more than 20 years of industry experience. They hope to lead the LED bathroom mirror industry with innovative, eco-friendly, and automated solutions. Utilize state-of-the-art technology, including fully automated production lines and advanced ERP and PLM systems.

      Bathroom mirrors produced by Mirrotic have been sold to more than 100 countries around the world. They are committed to providing their customers with the best products and services, including reliable and efficient shipping. Mirrotic focuses on production as well as innovation and will launch an automated factory in 2023 to improve production consistency and increase production capacity, setting new standards.

      9. Ram



      • Type of Business: Ram is a designer and manufacturer of lighting systems and electrical products specializing in the commercial and home lighting industries.
      • Year of establishment: 2012
      • Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
      • Products: Below is a list of Ram’s common products.
      • LED mirror
      • LED vanity mirror
      • LED mirror cabinet
      • sensory switch
      • Power outlet
      • LED driver

      Ram has a 20,000-square-meter factory building, environmentally friendly production lines, advanced automated production equipment, and efficient process operations and transmission systems to ensure product quality and production efficiency. In addition to strictly controlling the production details of products, Ram also continuously conducts international standard testing and improvement on products during the production process to ensure product safety and reliability.

      Currently, most of their products have passed UL, ETL, DEKRA, SAA, SGS, CCC, CB, ROHS, CE, etc., and have a place in the European and American markets. Ram has a well-equipped laboratory, including an EMC test room, light distribution test equipment, safety test equipment, a life test room, etc.

      Additionally, Ram can customize different types of packaging as per customer requirements. This ensures the quality and safety of the product during delivery. At the same time, it has also won the favor of our customers.

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      10. Land Lighting

      Land Lighting


      • Business Type: Land Lighting is an export-oriented manufacturer of lighting fixtures.
      • Year of establishment: 2006
      • Location: Foshan, Guangdong
      • Products: Below is a list of some of their commonly used products.
      • downlight
      • slim lamp
      • LED disc light
      • LED bathroom mirror
      • LED makeup mirror
      • mirror cabinet
      • Track Lighting
      • Step light
      • Accessories

      Land Lighting specializes in the R&D, production, and sales of various types of lighting fixtures. It has 8 production lines, including stamping, spinning, injection molding, powder coating, and final assembly. Land Lighting is committed to winning the market with first-class service, quality products, and competitive prices.

      Whether you are looking for cutting-edge lighting solutions for commercial or residential spaces, you can trust Land Lighting to provide quality products unrivaled in the industry.

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      11. Conclusion

      Chinese LED mirror manufacturers enjoy economies of scale and automation, which lowers production costs. Most of the raw materials required in the manufacturing process are also sourced cheaply from local sources. Due to the above reasons, LED mirrors are cheaper in China than in other countries. If you are considering importing LED mirrors from China, the above list is all manufacturers worth considering.

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